CATALOGUE OF THE YEAR 2016: SIP Scootershop wins the envied title

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The start of October 2016: at this year’s NEOCOM fair in Düsseldorf, with the prize for the “Catalogue of the year”, the SIP Scootershop was crowned winner in the B2C category. The envied trophy is considered to be the top prize in the mailorder sector.

The NEOCOM takes place once a year and is the most important trade show for the interactive retail sector. The expert jury from the German consultants for the mailorder sector “Versandhausberater chose the finalists from a new record of submissions and a wide variety of proposals. The jury consisted of Barbara Bergmann (Chief Editor of Versandhausberater), Ansgar Holtmann (Direct Marketing Consulting Hamburg), Gabriele Laurich (Siegfried Vögele Institute), Dirk Knütter (last year's winner – Kaiser + Kraft Europe) and Jürgen Seiferth (Director of Riegg&Partner Werbeagentur GmbH). SIP Scootershop was able to prevail against the tough competition and take first place. This award is a superb reward for all of the blood, sweat and tears that the catalogue team and the agency 24sieben invested in the compilation of our 950 page catalogue,” enthused Sebastian Bauch, Product Manager at SIP Scootershop. The highly acclaimed prize is in recognition of an excellent concept in the area of mail order, a clear USP, the ability to enthuse and technical precision.

Sebastian Bauch (Director Purchase) and Stephan Hufschmid (Director Sales) talk about the SIP Scootershop Catalogue at 2016 Neocom congress

The catalogue, which weighs over 2kg, convinced the expert jury with the expressive and successful design of its title page which continues in the form of a complete range of catalogues, its informal and yet authentic style of presentation, and last but not least the consistent refusal to use dull and conventional stylistic elements. The last point in particular and a pleasing overall concept helped crown SIP Scootershop the winners in the B2C (consumers) category. The prize was gratefully accepted by Sebastian Bauch and Stephan Hufschmid who are both members of the SIP catalogue team and who announced the compilation of a new “Modern Vespa” catalogue for 2017 for the Vespa models GTS/Primavera/Sprint/LX etc.

In addition to the “B2C catalogue”, prizes are also awarded for the “B2B catalogue” and “best online shop” categories. The prize for the best “B2B catalogue, 2016” was awarded to the company Betzold from Ellwangen. The best online shop was, before the mail order firm Otto and bicycles business

You can browse the prize winners online here:

SIP Scootershop is one of the leading mail order shops for motor scooter accessories, tuning and spare parts, of which its many customers who come from over 50 different countries and its stock of more than 55,000 components are just two examples. SIP Scootershop is a young company with around 130 employees.

Ralf Jodl
Ralf Jodl

Ralf is managing director and co-founder of SIP Scootershop. He has been riding Vespa since 1990 and even today the working day starts best for him when he rides to the SIP headquarters in Landsberg on his Rally 200. Otherwise he owns a 180 SS, a 160 GS and a VM2 fenderlight Vespa.