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Tyre SIP Performer,

3.00-10", 50P TL/TT reinforced
profile: sport,
bargain offer, incl. 3 SIP
performer tyres
sport tyre

A tried, tested and proven tyre of our very own, made for those with race ambitions, and that at unbeatable value for money.

A tyre should have excellent traction in dry conditions and also give a solid feeling when riding in the wet, be long lasting, look good and not cost the earth. We have been careful to consider all of these factors in our 'SIP Performer tyre' and according to the feedback we have received so far from you, our customers, we have been successful!


Development :

This tyre has been developed after we contacted a long established original industry tyre manufacturer and we combined our efforts to produce, extensively test and have this tyre homologated for road use. They have a pronounced sporting feel to them, with excellent grip in the dry combined with dependable handling characteristics in wet conditions.


Technology :

The 3.50 tyres are 'L' rated, which means they are type approved for use at speeds up to 120 km/h (75 mp/h), the 3.00 ones are roadlegal up to 150 km/h. This should satisfy the tuners amongst us, as well as the legal eagles. We have also included a Tyre Wear Indicator in the form of notches slightly raised from the bottom of the tread profile. To locate these indicator notches is noted on sidewall with the letters TWI (Tyre Wear Indicator).Long life is ensured by the extra deep tyre profile with an almost unbeatable value for money!


Type approval :

This tyre model possesses the latest E4 EU homologation rating which also allows their use with newer models of scooter. The supplementary 'reinforced' rating has been include to reassure those not completely fluent with the meaning of all current, almost hieroglyphic, tyre sidewall markings. This means that this tyre can be safely used with both conventionally tubed wheels and more modern tubeless wheel systems.


The 3.50/10 version has already proved its worth amongst other race standard tyres and the 3.00/10 size, with a similar tread profile, has become the first choice for all performance orientated small-frame riders.


Conclusion : The SIP Performer racing tyre is already a firm favourite amongst classic scooter riders and has an almost unbeatable value for money.


Tyre SIP Performer 3.00-10"

loading capacity: 50 (up to 190 kg)/ speed rating: P (for up to 150 km/h), E4 homologation, TWI display


SIP-TIP: Order inner tube and tyre fitting grease at the same time. Tyre fitting tool make fitting easier, valve caps give more style.


SIP man Fabian, 09/2016 on (#7979000)

?I punished these tyres over the whole SIP trip for countless hundreds of kilometres through Naples and southern Italy over the most extreme of road surfaces ? They corner more comfortably than my old Schwalbe Pacemans and still have loads of tread leftover! They passed the endurance test with flying colours!


SIP man Hajo , 09/2016 on (#7979000)

?As far as handling and grip go these tyres are worlds better than the Conti Twist?


SIP man Robert, 09/2016 on (#7979000)

?An improved handling and cornering positioning than the 3.50 sized items due to the wider tyre-flanks. Excellent performance in the dry, can skid easily when wet.?


SIP Customer Ralph, Gronsdorf, Vespa garage, on (#7979000)

?At first I was not completely sure if I would feel a difference, but eventually I noticed. In comparison to my previously mounted tyres these make my Vespa handle more direct, racier and with more agility!?

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Tyre, Rim & Spare Wheel Cover

85,00 €
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5.820g / piece
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