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Rim Tubeless SIP for Vespa

50 S/SR/Sprinter/Revival/90
/100 1°, also for Vespa 50 N/L
/R ->V5A1T 752188 als
Umrüstfelge 9" auf 10",
2.15-10", closed, aluminium

Innovation in style, technology and safety. We now have our SIP tubeless wheel rims available for the 9” wheeled 50cc Vespa models produced in the usual excellent quality. The one-piece SIP aluminium wheel has a 10” outer diameter, similar to the original pressed steel-plate wheels fitted to the S, SR, Sprinter and Revival Vespa 50cc models.

This enables the use of the more popularly established range of 10” tyres on these vintage Vespa models. The one-piece design of our SIP aluminium wheels provides a noticeably improved ride due to the precise production methods involved in their manufacture. The suspension also becomes more stable, thanks to the larger 10” outer diameter. The fitting of a 10” tyre to these 9” wheeled models also raises the overall transmission gear ratio of the engine, equal to the other 50cc Vespa models originally factory fitted with 3.00-10” wheels. The greater circumference of the 10” tyres raises the overall ratio by about 8% over the 9” tyre type. This enables a lower-revving engine combined with a higher maximum speed, ideal for mildly tuned motors, but also beneficial for scooters fitted with original motors with enough power to still master accelerating up hills and gradients.

The modern double-hump design of the wheel helps prevent sudden loss of pressure while riding in case of the tyre being damaged. The air escapes slowly enough to enable the rider to safely bring their Vespa to a halt. Dangerous blow-outs at high speed become, thankfully, a thing of the past! Other potentially hazardous occurrences, such as a valve ripping the inner tube open or it being trapped between the wheel halves during assembly are also no longer possible. The valve is pre-mounted to the wheel itself. The surface finish is perfected by an extensive CNC machining process. They are available painted in various colours, a highly polished version and one type painted with polished flanks.

The cone-shaped original wheel fixing bolts can still be used (#70156000). The opening in the middle of the axle for the centralisation of the wheel can be covered with original Vespa dust caps, etc (#87210000).


Conclusion : An innovative wheel design with a classical design. Provides a noticeably smoother ride and improved suspension performance, combined with a much larger choice of tyre! Precise production, high-end finish and a completely modern level of safety features. This wheel type has successfully passed extensive long-distance and endurance testing.


Aluminium wheel, painted/polished, 2.15x10”, tubeless.

– Longer valve type (eliminating problems experienced while pumping tyres up at certain UK petrol stations), pre-mounted.

– Fully compatible with original conical wheel fixing bolts (#70156000).

– Also compatible with an original dust cap (#87210000).


SIP – TIP : Always carry an aerosol can of puncture repair liquid in the toolbox!


Attention : Following assembly the wheel should be carefully rotated to check for adequate clearance to the engine and other surrounding components. Many tube-type (TT) tyres can also be used without an inner-tube (TL). We recommend these tyres and wheels should be assembled by a professional tyre-fitter or a workshop with the necessary facilities as these tools are essential for a safe and quick fitting. Avoid damaging the surface finish while mounting! Only use the recommended tyre mounting paste as oil or similar lubrication products damage the tyre and prevent the tyre remaining in position on the wheel!


If you wish to avoid getting your hands dirty we also have these wheels available with pre-mounted tyres!

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  (PIAGGIO)

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icon scootermodels This product fits the following models
divider Producer/Model divider cc divider Type divider Engine divider Yr. of Const. divider Extra
VESPA 50 / N 50 V5A1T 2T AC `63-`71 not in series
VESPA 50 L 50 V5A1T 2T AC `66-70 not in series
VESPA 50 R 50 V5A1T 2T AC `69-`83 Vespa 50 R -> 752188, not in series
VESPA 50 Revival 50 V5R1T 2T AC `90-
VESPA 50 S 50 V5SA1T 2T AC `63-`84
VESPA 50 SR / Sprinter 50 V5SS2T 2T AC `71-`79
VESPA 90 90 V9A1T 2T AC `63-`84
VESPA 100 (UK) / 100 Sport (US) 100 V9B1T 2T AC `78-`90 -> 50000

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