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Rim Tubeless 2.0 SIP for Vespa

GT-TS/150 GL/GS VS5T/Sprint
/LML Star/DLX/Deluxe 2T/4T,
2.10-10", open, anti-theft protection,
front & rear, aluminium, sil..
KBA 51612, valve premounted,
Grade AA - for a first-class

Road legal !

Innovation in style, engineering and security. The new SIP tubeless rim, successful and reliable. This rim allows you to use tyres without a tube. In case of a puncture a sudden air leak will be prevented, the air pressure will decrease slowly. Blown tyres will be a thing of the past. So will valve tear offs or punctures due to tubes beeing trapped between the rims during assembly.


The advantages of the SIP rim at a glance:

  • high production accuracy and quality
  • the double hum prim design prevents the tyre from slipping into the rim well in case of a puncture
  • very precise rotation
  • perfect surface finish
  • pre-mounted valve

The ideal Vespa rim for standard-sized tyres : 2.10-10

  • Suitable for all tubeless tyres from 3.00 to 3.50-10.
  • Compatible with all 10” drum brakes, including the PX '98 star-shaped hub and the GRIMECA disc brake hub.
  • With openings to fit the ABUS wheel lock.
  • Certified for road use,

The SIP team have successfully managed to receive approval from the relevant authorities in Germany to produce vehicle components fully legal for use on a road-going vehicle. This means the SIP 8106 wheel has received the 'KBA 51612' official ministry code allowing their road use in Germany and the rest of Europe. Also the chromed version is issued with this recognition. It is the first chromed rim for Vespa - we know - which is officially roal legal.


The SIP 2.0 rim – more than just a facelift

The SIP wheels have been constantly evolved and developed over a number of years, making them the ideal upgrade from the proven original Vespa wheel rims.

  • New, elegant design, with symmetrical tyre-bed flanks.
  • Harmonic appearance, hub mounting pockets marked with wheel identification code.
  • Enlarged tyre mounting bed for simpler and more comfortable tyre replacement.

Conclusion: innovative rim, high-quality workmanship, additional security. This product has successfully passed our long distance and fatigue test!


Aluminium rim, painted, 10x2.10 inch, tubeless

- acorn nuts, wrench size of 12mm, with NORD-Lock washers

- long valve. The short ones cause problems on some old English petrol stations.

- German ABE and english mounting instruction - both you can download on our website


SIP-TIPP: Keep some tyre sealant in your glove box. Mounting Kit SIP tubeless rim allows to mount tubeless wheel as spare wheel under sidepanel.


Attention: Please contact a qualified workshop for accurate and damage-free tyre fitting (tyre tool and appropriate fitting basis highly recommended). By all means make sure to avoid any damage to the surface! A lot of tube-type (TT) tyres can also be used as tube-less (TL) tyres. When mounting the tyre, make sure to use mounting paste. If you use oil or other inappropriate lubricants, the tyre won’t sit firmly on the rim. Danger! Make sure to always check clearance of engine and accessory parts! The rims are also avaiable with an mounted tyre of your choice like SIP Performer, Michelin, Continental or Schwalbe.

We advise you to use a high-quality original brake drum, as replicas in some cases the studs are positioned incorrectly, so the rim can not be properly mounted on the drum.


Jochen Undesser aka "Undi", 09/2009: "My team rider Christan Rapf #41 has tested the tubeless rim very successfully in the last race! He is now overall 2nd place in class 2 of the ESC. Tyre pressure was at 1.5bar (21.8psi).Rotation and radial run out were both perfect! All of the ESC boys that are constantly having problems with flat tyres consider these rims an awesome idea!"


Mike Betz, GSF, 05/2010: "fantastic, problem free installation with the normal tyre mounting tool, the high quality workmanship of the rim and the exact fit. Weight is also great, normal tyre sets are much heavier. A win win situation from the security aspect due to going tubeless.”


Please check out our Youtube channel for more SIP Tutorial videos:


The latest version of the ABE can be found at the downloads.

Before buying, please check whether the ABE is valid for your scooter or not.

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SIP Legal
Tyre, Rim & Spare Wheel Cover

69,00 €
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1.700g / piece
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