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Repair Sheet mud flap, rear,

for Vespa 125 GT/GTR/Super/TS
/150 GL/Sprint/V/Super/180

A common fault with a used Vespa is a rusted through floor board. Rust spots in the floor board are not only ugly, but also dangerous and are also objected to by TÜV (MOT). So that you don't necessarily have to call in a bodywork constructor for assistance, we have repair sheet floor boards for you for almost all of the models in our product range with which you can easily repair this. For the Vespa 50-125 PV/ET3 models, we offer a particularly large selection of repair sheet floor boards.


Depending on the severity / level of the rusting, you can find the optimal panel with us. If it's a case of a complete restoration including new paintwork, we recommend the use of the floor board including legshield (part no. PV153480). Here the floor board and the legshield are already attached to one another, saving you a lot of filling and welding in order to achieve an acceptable result before painting. As no horn cover has been pre-mounted onto the legshield, you can also immediately convert to the repair sheet horn covers of the Vespa 50 N models (part no. 75323500, 75323400).


If only the floor board needs to be changed, we offer further variants with various measurements with or without X/K struts. Of course, in addition to the smallframe repair sheet floor boards, our range also includes repair sheets for all standard wide and largeframe models.


Conclusion: Remove the old sheeting, weld in new sheeting, seal, prime and once again it looks as good as new!


SIP TIP: Order new floor runner kit and legshield beading at the same time.


SIP Community user "Die Wurstfrau" (about PV1536):

"Super quality. Now I can get started with restoring my GS."



A newly produced, precisely dimensioned VESPA chassis floorboard replacement panel. Some of his items have tabs included for the cable channel. There are also versions available for VESPA models that have long been out of production. Beautifully finished and made in Italy!


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76021000 49,00 €

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PV152740 24,90 €

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PV152300 80,00 €

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PV152350 105,00 €

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14330000 6,00 €
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PV155000 45,00 €

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PV152351 115,00 €

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PV153481 189,00 €

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75323700 55,00 €

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PV1539 42,00 €

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76021000 49,00 €

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Chassis & Horncover

65,00 €
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1.200g / piece
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icon scootermodels This product fits the following models
divider Producer/Model divider cc divider Type divider Engine divider Yr. of Const. divider Extra
VESPA 125 (T2/125) (D) 125 VNB1-6 2T AC '59-'65 VNB6T
VESPA 125 GT / 125 Sprint 125 VNL1-2 2T AC '61-'73 VNL2T
VESPA 125 GTR 125 VNL2T 2T AC '68-'78
VESPA 125 Super 125 VNC1T 2T AC '65-'69
VESPA 125 TS 125 VNL3T 2T AC '75-'78
VESPA 150 GL 150 VLA1T 2T AC '62-'64
VESPA 150 Sprint 150 VLB1T 2T AC '65-'74
VESPA 150 Sprint Veloce 150 VLB1T 2T AC '69-'79
VESPA 150 Super 150 VBC1T 2T AC '65-'79
VESPA 180 Rally 180 VSD1T 2T AC '68-'73
VESPA 180 SS Super Sport 180 VSC1T 2T AC '64-'68
VESPA 200 Rally 200 VSE1T 2T AC '72-'79

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