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Repair Sheet legshield & floor

board, for Vespa 125 V30-33/VM
also for Hoffmann/ACMA/Douglas
w 502 mm, l 1320 mm, uncoated,
5 struts
Grade C - low-priced repairs

Regrettably, most older Vespas have collected a fair portion of dents and rust in their panels. This is not only ugly, but can also draw unnecessary attention from your local vehicle inspector or traffic policeman. In earlier years such damage had to be expensively repaired by specialists, but now we have a simpler solution in the form of complete body-panel replacements available from stock.


The premium version of these body-panel replacement parts is represented by the type that includes both the legshields and floorboards in one piece. This item simplifies the most major of body-panel repairs and also any evidence of previous attempts to unnecessarily 'individualise' the design of the scooter with an angle grinder or similar! Many hours of welding, grinding, hammering, sanding and filling can be saved by replacing the complete assembly, although to be fair, some are delivered without the reinforcement panels in place.


Our very own SIP replacement legshield and floorboard panels, available for the Vespa 50-125/PV/ET3 models, are now available produced using a thicker grade of steel sheet. It is now 1mm thick and also relatively quickly mounted. The version for the Vespa 50 Special still has the frame raised slightly on the front skirting, for the horncover, but is otherwise identical. Both repair-sheets are compatible with all common smallframe Vespas. Other replacement body parts and accessories now also available include the connecting bracket for the Vespa V 50 Special horncover and the rubber gasket for between the floorboards and the brake pedal. The opening for the brake pedal itself has also been enlarged on our panels, enabling the easy fitting of both the rounded and squared-off brake pedal types. We recommend to use always the whole legshield panel and not just parts form it because there a tolerances in the width due to the bends.


Notice : We also have the metal replacement horncovers available for all models of Vespa that had them fitted, along with many other types of replacement body and frame panels!


Conclusion : Cut out the old panels, weld in the new, fill, sand and paint and once again your scooter has been reborn!


SIP-TIP : Do not forget to order new floor runners and rubbers, legshield beading and a new horncover. A riveter and a beading applicator makes the whole job a lot easier and professional. The Vespa and PIAGGIO badge represent the icing on the (birthday) cake!

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Frame - Repair Sheet

279,00 €
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icon scootermodels This product fits the following models
divider Producer/Model divider cc divider Type divider Engine divider Yr. of Const. divider Extra
VESPA 125 125 VM1-2T 2T AC `52-`54 VM1T
VESPA 125 125 VM1-2T 2T AC `52-`54 VM2T
VESPA 125 125 V30-33 2T AC `51-`53
VESPA 125 125 VN1-2T 2T AC `54-`57 VN1T
VESPA 125 ACMA 125 2T AC `51-`55 ´55-´56
VESPA 150 150 VL1-3T 2T AC `54-`57 VL1
VESPA Hoffmann C 125 - 2T AC `54
VESPA Hoffmann M24 Königin 125 - 2T AC `54-`55
VESPA Modell "U" 125 VU1T 2T AC `53,00

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