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Racing Exhaust SIP ROAD "Sport

Style" for Vespa 150 GS VS2
-5T, 1956-1961
steel, black,
fits wide tyre, screwable,
with 2 cromed end tubes,
large manifold and adaptor
for mounting at suspension

For race use only. Not admitted in the area of the German StVZO!

Following the introduction of the SIP Road exhaust it quickly became the most sought after system for road-going Vespa models. They also find grateful use on most of our Vespas here at SIP, whether long-distance tourers or torque-orientated town-centre sprinters. We have recently expanded our range of the SIP Road big-box exhausts to include versions suitable for both models with a mudguard-mounted headlight and the mighty GS, providing them with a real ability to be used as everyday runabouts as well as on longer tours.


All SIP Road exhaust types available for the Vespa GS150 VS2-5T and Vespa 125 VM/VN/150 VL/VB1T/VGL1T models provide noticeably more torque along with a considerable boost in power once fitted to your motor. They enable an increase in usable power and easier gear selection while accelerating which is often lacking with these vintage scooters. The sound of the SIP Road is on the comfortable side of decent and not too obtrusive, ideal for both urban adventure and the odd touring safari! It has multi-functional abilities making it the ideal choice for all road-going Vespa types, from everyday runabouts to full-blown touring machines. The high quality of their production is not only evident in the multi-segment expansion chamber section but also the high precision of the welds, the cleanly welded overall construction and a reinforced bolt-connection for the manifold. These exhausts are independently constructed in the factory and not converted from the cut-open carcass of an existing exhaust type.

It took us quite a while making the SIP Road 100% compatible with the Vespa wideframe models. They now fit perfectly and are delivered with a special bracket that enables all Vespa PX exhausts to be successfully attached to the wideframe Vespas.

The SIP Road Sport is produced to resemble the style of the 'SITO Sport' exhaust systems available in the sixties. They are coated either red or black with extended and chromed end-pipes with the special PX exhaust adaptor bracket included in the delivery.

Conclusion : A performance exhaust with the appearance of an original that fits perfectly and exudes quality from every weld seam. It also delivers an immediate increase in both torque values and overall performance and is wrapped in heat-proof paint, all-in-all unbeatable value for money!


SIP - TIP : Get a real buzz from your Vespa wideframe by combining the SIP Road with a PINASCO cylinder, a Flytech ignition system, a suitable crankshaft and a POLINI CP carburettor kit! Do not forget a suitable suspension upgrade to match your extra power with a pair of our SIP Performance shock absorbers.



SIP Premium Warranty


We are convinced of the quality of our products. This is why we have extended the legal warranty for our SIP Road exhaust systems to a SIP Premium Warranty that lasts for 36 months. If a fault should occur during this time which is not due to improper use or improper assembly, we will repair the exhaust free of charge or replace it with a new one.


This Premium Warranty applies to end-buyers and starting from the following purchase date: 1st November 2016.

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VESPA 150 GS 150 VS1-5T 2T AC `55-`61 VS2 -> VS5,00

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