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Racing Crankshaft MAZZUCCHELLI

RACE for Vespa 50/N/L/R/S
disc valve, stroke 43,0mm, conrod 87,0mm,
cone 19/20mm, M10


Racing crankshafts are a simple and effective tuning step for every disc valve engine. A racing crankshaft enables higher numbers of revs. The engine becomes more lively and agile. The high quality racing crankshafts from Italian company MAZZUCCHELLI convince thanks to their minimum production tolerances and limited bearing clearance. This guarantees high rev endurance and an exceptionally high product lifespan.


In contrast to the original crankshaft, a racing crankshaft has a clearly extended inlet time. This means the charge level is increased. The crank webs are flow-optimised and polished. Turbulence and flow separations are thereby reduced. A polished connecting rod and a lower connecting rod bearing as a silver bearing satisfy the highest aspirations. All crankshafts are supplied with upper connecting rod bearings.

Those who want to convert to electronic ignition should go for the 20/20mm racing crankshaft. In combination with a racing cylinder, the thicker and therefore more stable cone is recommended. The ETS crankshaft should be installed on high revving engines which are equipped with high performance cylinders or very light flywheels. This omits the risk of the crankshaft stump from being torn away. A set of conversion bearings and the corresponding oil seal are then required in the V50/PV/ET3/PK engine casings.


A strengthened connecting rod is fitted to the RACE version. Additional lubrication holes in the upper (on the 125 series only) and lubrication slots in the lower connecting rod eyelet lead to additional stability and allow higher numbers of revs due to the superior lubrication.


Conclusion: not only a good idea in combination with a tuning cylinder. A boost in performance can also be achieved with an original cylinder. MAZZUCCHELLI stands for long product lifetime and durability.


SIP community user '„NOSw11', Italy:

"Excellent! As I had previously installed a crankshaft with bronze bushing, due to the tuning I wanted to have a crankshaft with needle bearings under all circumstances. I therefore chose Mazzucchelli as I can be sure that their products are produced with the highest level of care and the price is right."


Racing crankshaft / stroke 43mm / connecting rod 87mm / 19/20mm, M10

Racing crankshaft with Ø 82mm crankweb (flywheel side), Ø 87mm crankweb (disc valve side), 87mm connecting rod, oil seal housing 19mm, bearing housing 20mm, pointed cone with M10mm thread, incl. connecting rod bearing


SIP-TIP: New bearings, oil seals and keys are a must. Same goes for sealing kit, clutch-, and flywheel nuts. It also makes sense to use the crankshaft tools # 27338000, # 21071000 and # 18119000. Ideal for POLINI, MALOSSI, DR and PINASCO racing cylinders with rotary valve.

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Racing Crankshafts

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VESPA 50 / N 50 V5A1T 2T AC `63-`71
VESPA 50 L 50 V5A1T 2T AC `66-70
VESPA 50 R 50 V5A1T 2T AC `69-`83
VESPA 50 Revival 50 V5R1T 2T AC `90-
VESPA 50 S 50 V5SA1T 2T AC `63-`84 (N)
VESPA 50 S 50 V5SA1T 2T AC `63-`84
VESPA 50 Special 50 V5A2T 2T AC '69-'72
VESPA 50 Special 50 V5B1T 2T AC `72-`75
VESPA 50 Special 50 V5B3T 2T AC `75-`83
VESPA 50 Special Elestart 50 V5B4T 2T AC '75-'76
VESPA 50 Special Elestart 50 V5B2T 2T AC `72-`75
VESPA 50 Special Elestart 50 V5A3T 2T AC '69-'72
VESPA 50 SR / Sprinter 50 V5SS2T 2T AC `71-`79
VESPA 50 SS / Super Sprint 50 V5SS1T 2T AC `65-`71
VESPA PK 50 50 V5X1T 2T AC `82-`84 -> 14531 (small cone)
VESPA PK 50 S / Elestart 50 V5X2T 2T AC `82-`84 -> 181678 (small cone)
VESPA PK 50 S / Elestart 50 V5X2T 2T AC `82-`84 3000001 -> 3007754, (electric start)
VESPA PK 50 S Lusso / Elestart 50 V5X2T 2T AC `85-`88 -> 181678 (small cone)

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