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Luggage Rack rear, PIAGGIO

for Vespa LX/LXV/S 50-150
chrome, for original PIAGGIO
Top Case

The chrome accessories available in PIAGGIO's own range stand out from the rest of the crowd with the excellent quality of the chrome plating itself. A very high quality, perfect surface finishing is combined with exact dimensioning, to guarantee a perfect appearance and fit. A complicated brazing process eliminates the need for any unpleasant looking weld seams to be necessary in their production. (see close-up photo). All of their chrome accessories possess a decently engraved Vespa logo (see close-up photo), which makes the original equipment easy to spot.


The front carrier is attached directly to the frame of your Vespa with two fixing bolts. This will require two holes to be made before mounting the carrier which are best taken care of by using a sheet-metal twist drill bit for a tidy job. A stencil showing the exact positioning of these holes is included in the delivery, making a perfect result achievable for the less skilled amongst us. To ensure a solid attachment of the front carrier system, a threaded bolt is also used to fix it securely beneath the horn cover. It´s neccessary to prepare the original chromed horn cover to make the front carrier fit.


The rear carrier is connected to the chassis by four bolts. Although the existing grab rail must be removed during installation the carrier itself has a grab rail that the pillion can use instead. In addition even more security and comfort is provided by the small cissy bar, incorporated into its design. In combination with the right mounting kit the PIAGGIO original topcase can be mounted. Their luggage rack is ideal for carrying a colour matched original PIAGGIO topcase, or that of any other manufacturer!


The crash bars for the mudguard, legshield and sidepanel are firmly bolted to its chassis. In case of an accidental spill, they will reliably protect your paintwork and frame from any damage. Thanks to the oversized bolts used to connect these crash bars (see close-up photo), they stay in shape and position to do their job, keeping your pride and joy intact!


Conclusion: Noticeably high end production, combined with an excellent fit to your scooter, every-time!


SIP-TIP: Complete the look with other chrome accessories such as a tasty lamp surround, snazzy horn cover trim and steering assembly decoration.


SIP community user : 'Frank Michael Göbel'

"Great items with original PIAGGIO quality: only to be recommended!"


Information : To mount the luggage rack successfully to the Vespa S 50-150cc models, two mounting bolts (#PI259349) for underneath the seat and another two for the mounting position at the rear of the frame (#31091000) are also necessary, as these models left the factory without grab-rail as standard. To finish the job properly a cover for the mounting bolts (#PI623336) is also required. On the Vespa 'S' models the Vespa logo, usually located on the rear of the frame, must first be removed to reveal the luggage rack mounting holes.

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  657083 (PIAGGIO)

PI004746 60,00 €

incl. VAT  plus shipping.
40010240 79,00 €

incl. VAT  plus shipping.
40010230 79,00 €

incl. VAT  plus shipping.
23560530 3,50 €

incl. VAT  plus shipping.
PI62346300 159,00 €

incl. VAT  plus shipping.
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CUP508 67,00 €

incl. VAT  plus shipping.
FA0020 65,00 €

incl. VAT  plus shipping.
FA01545C 99,00 €

incl. VAT  plus shipping.
FA01505G 125,00 €

incl. VAT  plus shipping.
FA0011 65,00 €

incl. VAT  plus shipping.
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PI62346307 139,00 €

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PI62346308 145,00 €

incl. VAT  plus shipping.
Carriers, Top Cases & Crash Bars

89,00 €
This item is in stock in sufficient quantity.

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1.600g / piece
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