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WHOOP DISC brake disc

OEM number(s): 6213317 (MALOSSI)
Part no.: M6213317

Product description

Brake discs
The "Newest Generation of Disk Brakes". Light, non corrosive, non-warping, antistress. Studied for prolonged use in all weather conditions and types of terrain.
The "WHOOP DISCS" were exposed to numerous tests during competitions, giving Malossi technicians an opportunity to fine-tune the disk brakes for various vehicles.
The "WHOOP DISC" paired with Malossi BRAKE PADS guarantee a progressive and secure braking even under extreme conditions.

Technical features

  • Stainless steel disk, laser cut, hardened and surface machined. 
  • Profile designed using CAD to insure complete scraping of the brake pad, the elimination of brake dust, and the removal of water and mud during braking. 
  • Surface area doubled to lower the disk s working temperature.
OEM numbers (for comparisons): 6213317 (MALOSSI)
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Part no.: M6213318
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