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Product Image for 'Variator Rollers MALOSSI HT Roll 15x12 mm 8,3gTitle'
Variator Rollers MALOSSI HT Roll 15x12 mm 8,3g
Product No.: M669417N
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60g / Piece
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Product Image for 'Variator Rollers MALOSSI HT Roll 15x12 mm 8,3gTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product Image for 'Variator Rollers MALOSSI HT Roll 15x12 mm 8,3gTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product Image for 'Variator Rollers MALOSSI HT Roll 15x12 mm 8,3gTitle'
Product Image for 'Variator Rollers MALOSSI HT Roll 15x12 mm 8,3gTitle'

Variator Rollers MALOSSI HT Roll 15x12 mm 8,3g

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Your choice of roller weights plays an essential role when tuning and setting up the variomatic pulley in your transmission.


Broadly speaking: The lighter the roller weights, the higher the revs required to push the roller weights outwards centrifugally and change the transmission ratio. Heavier roller weights require less revs to enable the physics to take effect. This means that with lighter weights the scooter starts moving at higher revs, heavier weights set the scooter in motion at lower revs. The revs at which the scooter gets going can be set up to your individual taste or requirements. Other factors affecting the roller weight set up include the overall state of tune, choice of peripheral components, weight of the rider, road or track conditions, etc.


We can especially recommend the replacement variomatic roller weights produced by the experts at MALOSSI. The MALOSSI HT roll variomatic roller weights possess extremely hard-wearing, heat resistant and self-lubricating qualities. MALOSSI achieve this by using 'CBT' plastic technology in their construction, along with a very special 'secret' ingredient. HT roll roller weights are excellent performers in all tuned motors and also increase the amount of revs (and therefore speed) available from standard motor set ups.


MALOSSI HT roll variomatic roller weights are available in all popular sizes and very fine grades of weight difference.


SIP-TIP : Adjustment of the weight of the variomatics roller weights allows each scooter to be set up specifically to suit the power output of the motor, or alternatively, the road or track conditions. Do not forget : The more highly tuned your motor, the more extreme the effect of adjusting the roller weight values will be, in either direction! Try to avoid adjusting the weights in large steps, in this particular case, less is most definitely more! Nevertheless: the exact tuning of the weight of the rollers contained within the variomatic unit is most definitely worth the effort, ensuring that the power produced by the motor does not disappear into excessive revs.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 66 9417.N0 (MALOSSI)
EAN Number: 42602771803307

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deutlich schlechtere Haltbarkeit als Original Piaggio

Bei meinem Fahrzeug wechsele ich nach Wartungsvorschrift den Antriebsriemen und tausche bei der Gelegenheit auch gleich die Rollen und Gleitschuhe der Variomatik. Während die Original Piaggio Rollen dann noch völlig rund sind und beim Nachmessen nur geringe Abnutzungserscheinungen aufweisen sind hingegen die Malossi Rollen völlig am Ende und nicht mehr rund sondern oval. Dies zeigt sich u. A. auch durch ein sehr schlechtes Schaltverhalten der Variomatik beim Anfahren und im mittleren Drehzahlband. Ich persönlich verwende in Verbindung mit meinem Original Piaggio Variator ausschließlich nur noch die Original Piaggio Rollen. Diese sind meiner Meinung nach auch von Ihrem Gewicht her optimal abgestimmt für ein komfortables und entspanntes Fahrverhalten des Rollers.


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33 9449_100 Malossi 339449 für Rollen 15x12 0,48 MB Download
MontageanleitungVariomatik SIP Montageanleitung Variomatik 0,69 MB Download
Variatorbestückung_original Variatorrollen Bestückung Orig. 50-90ccm Scooter 0,50 MB Download
VariatorrollenbestückungMaxi Variatorrollen Bestückung Maxiscooter 100ccm > 0,39 MB Download

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