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Variator J.COSTA EVO 2 for Vespa ET4/LX/LXV/S 150ccm 4T AC
Part no.: JC622FS0
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1,000g / Piece
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Variator J.COSTA EVO 2

for Vespa ET4/​LX/​LXV/​S 150ccm 4T AC

also, for PIAGGIO Leader 150ccm 4T AC/​LC
  • 12 rollers
  • 9,5g
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VAT included Free shipping
1,000g / Piece
Part no.: JC622FS0

Product description

Following the success of the EVO2 version J.COSTA introduce the all new EVO3 high end variomatic, which now not only impresses with its performance values. The improvement made in the choice of construction materials and production quality satisfy in every respect.


The improvements over its predecessor are obvious at first glance. The Variomatic unit itself has a ceramic coating to increase its durability and more importantly, reduce the overall friction created. The roller weight ramps have also received this treatment which lowers the wear rate of this part of the pulley considerably and extends the overall life of the weight rollers and ramps. The problem suffered by its predecessor of the movement of the weights causing excessive wear has also been solved by the protective ceramic coating on the EVO3. The Variomatics cover has also been redesigned to optimise the overall performance potential.


In contrast to conventional variators:


This design of variator uses gliding weights, instead of rolling types, which facilitate the variomatic to open linearly, which has proved to be a very simple but effective technological development! Its linear design is the secret of the 'turbo effect' provided by these pulleys. Compared to original items the J.Costa units offer a shorter transmission ratio at lower revs, which leads to a quicker acceleration. Simultaneously, when the weights have reached the end of their travel (pulley fully opened), they also possess a taller ratio at higher revs, providing an increase in top speed.


Conclusion: The unique Variomatic technology employed in the function of the EVO range has been once again improved and proves it with even more performance throughout the rev range!


SIP-TIP : Do not forget a new 'V' belt. A performance orientated clutch and clutch bell completes the set up!


CAUTION! : On certain 125/150cc motors the transmission V-belt can come into contact with the brass bush included on the J. Costa variomatic unit. We recommend the use of the V-belt originating in the 200cc Leader motor (MALOSSI/POLINI/PIAGGIO), these being reinforced and wider!

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