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Tyre SIP Performer 2.0 3.50-10 59P TL/TT reinforced front or rear
Part no.: 79591000
VAT included Plus shipping
2,35kg / Piece
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Tyre SIP Performer 2.0 3.50-10 59P TL/TT reinforced

front or rear

  • up to 150 km/h
  • profile: sport
  • Ø 10"
  • ECE-R75
Tyre Sport
28 ratings
VAT included Plus shipping
2,35kg / Piece
Part no.: 79591000

Product description

A tried, tested and proven tyre of our very own, made for those with race ambitions, and that at unbeatable value for money.


A tyre should have excellent traction in dry conditions and also give a solid feeling when riding in the wet, be long lasting, look good and not cost the earth. We have been careful to consider all of these factors in our 'SIP tyres' and according to the feedback we have received so far from you, our customers, we have been successful!



This tyre has been developed after we contacted a long established original industry tyre manufacturer and we combined our efforts to produce, extensively test and have this tyre homologated for road use. They have a pronounced sporting feel to them, with excellent grip in the dry combined with dependable handling characteristics in wet conditions.



The 3.00 and the 3.50 SIP Performance/Performer and Classic tyres are 'P' rated, which means they are type approved for use at speeds up to 150 km/h (93 mp/h). This should satisfy the tuners amongst us, as well as the legal eagles. We have also included a Tyre Wear Indicator in the form of notches slightly raised from the bottom of the tread profile. To locate these indicator notches is noted on sidewall with the letters TWI (Tyre Wear Indicator).Long life is ensured by the extra deep tyre profile with an almost unbeatable value for money!


Type approval :

This tyre model possesses the latest E4 EU homologation rating which also allows their use with newer models of scooter. The supplementary 'reinforced' rating has been include to reassure those not completely fluent with the meaning of all current, almost hieroglyphic, tyre sidewall markings. This means that this tyre can be safely used with both conventionally tubed wheels and more modern tubeless wheel systems. Both tyres are are also legalized for tubetype and tubeless usage.


Conclusion: The SIP Performer racing tyre is already a firm favourite amongst classic scooter riders and has an almost unbeatable value for money.


Tyre SIP Performer 3.50.-10" 2.0:

load capacity: 59 (up to 243 kg) speed rating: "P" (up to 150 km/h), E4 homologation, tread wear indicators, TT/TL


SIP-TIP: Do not forget to order a new inner tube and tyre mouting paste. Tyre irons make this job a lot easier and new valve caps set the whole thing off nicely.


SIP community user 'thpmueller' on part no (79590000) :

"I've fitted these wheels to my PX, front and rear. My Vespa has become a lot more stable at high speed and the grip in the curves is much improved, a real racer! Now I can take my Vespa to the edges of our abilities(grinding the mainstand stoppers and the SITO+ around every bend). The value for money is almost indescribable!"


Smiley, Copenhagen Scooterclub, 06/2008 (über Art.-Nr. 7959000):

"We did our summer trip from Narbonne-France to SIP, Landsberg through the alps. Best grip, still enough material to go on, perfect handling even in rain. My first choice of Vespa tires. Buy it or die. CSC."


SIP community user 'matlock77' on part no (79590000):

"A real racing tyre! Whatever your riding style, this tyre lasts, as long as you treat it well. My rear tyre managed 2500 km (1562 miles) and that with lots of hard acceleration. I'm replacing it with exactly the same model of tyre..."


Magazine Scootering, Edition Jan. 2017 (on part no 7959000):

 "The most attractive thing about these tyres is the price; in comparison to the other tried here they are unbelievable value. My impressions are that they would be ideal for high mileage riders who want low expenditure and reasonable longevity out of a tyre without sacrificing in performance."



EAN Number: 4260438370021

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