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Tyre HEIDENAU K62 SNOWTEX 130/80-12 69M TL/TT M+S front or rear
Part no.: 89160000
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4,62kg / Piece
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Tyre HEIDENAU K62 SNOWTEX 130/80-12 69M TL/TT M+S

front or rear

  • profile: strongly profiled
  • w 130 mm
  • Ø 12"
  • with e-pass
Tyre Winter
One rating
VAT included Plus shipping
4,62kg / Piece
Part no.: 89160000

Product description

When it comes to winter tyres, the German manufacturer is in a league of its own. And the HEIDENAU K62 Snowtex is further proof of this.


The HEIDENAUK62 Snowtex is the strengthened version, and the further development of the classic K58 Snowtex. It follows in the big footsteps and sells exceptionally well at SIP Scootershop.

  • M+S marking
  • Open block tread and high tread depth
  • Rubber compound with textile fibres

The HEIDENAU K62 Snowtex is a worthy successor to the K58 Snowtex. The classic tyre has been enhanced once again and with its open block tread, the HEIDENAU K62 Snowtex is ideally suited to wet, slushy or snowy road surfaces. The special feature of the Snowtex tyre is the dual design of its tread, which consists of a bottom plate with normal compound and a duplex plate with fibre-reinforced protector rubber. The high-quality silica rubber compound that this contains is designed for low temperatures. It achieves a very high degree of cold elasticity, which provides the necessary traction on wet and slushy road surfaces. The incorporated textile fibres also create a rough surface structure – which further increases the grip on slippery roads.


Conclusion: With the reinforced HEIDENAU K62 Snowtex, every ride in winter is an easy-going experience.

Technical details

  • 10, 12 and 13 inch
  • 120 to 140 width
  • also available as reinforced
  • TL/TT
  • Speed index M, P, Q

For safe riding in winter times - SIP-TIP:

  • Grip cuffs protect the hands well from the cold
  • Dry and warm through the winter with wind and weather protection
  • TUCANO URBANO provides good protection against the cold for body and face with functional clothing.
  • SIP has inexpensive rims for all vehicles. It is best to mount a set of winter or all-weather tyres on rims, then you can change quickly and easily when the weather conditions are right. You don't have to get your fingers dirty unnecessarily or visit a workshop to mount them.


»Like eagle claws digging into the asphalt. Heidenau stands for Made in Germany - and that's exactly how quality should be understood! I changed my 12 year old summer tyres for the Heidenau K58 Snowtex and I am thrilled! [...] extremely smooth and safe in curves. When braking at full speed - i.e. between 50 - 60 the tyres really claw into the asphalt.«

-Ischti, SIP Community


»Extremely stable, much more grip. In the wet you can almost do what you do with the others in the dry.«


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