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Product image for 'Tyre HEIDENAU K58 110/90-10 66J TL/TT reinforcedTitle'
Tyre HEIDENAU K58 110/90-10 66J TL/TT reinforced front & rear
Part no.: H1002
Including VAT Plus shipping
2,9kg / Piece
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Product image for 'Tyre HEIDENAU K58 110/90-10 66J TL/TT reinforcedTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'Tyre HEIDENAU K58 110/90-10 66J TL/TT reinforcedTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'Tyre HEIDENAU K58 110/90-10 66J TL/TT reinforcedTitle'
Product image for 'Tyre HEIDENAU K58 110/90-10 66J TL/TT reinforcedTitle'

Tyre HEIDENAU K58 110/90-10 66J TL/TT reinforced

front & rear

  • profile: strongly profiled
  • w 110 mm
  • Ø 10"
  • with e-pass
Tyre All-season
83 ratings
Including VAT Plus shipping
2,9kg / Piece

Product description

With the HEIDENAU K58, our range includes a tyre for scooters which has enjoyed unbroken popularity for more than 15 years.


Is the HEIDENAU K58 the ultimate all-weather tyre for scooters with 10- to 12-inch tyres? If you believe the customers at SIP Scootershop, the answer is yes. And for good reasons:

  • Perfect traction
  • Long durability
  • Available in modified design

The HEIDENAU K58 can confidently be described as being a classic of all-weather tyres. It offers the optimum grip in all weather conditions on any road surface, as the tread pattern achieves excellent drainage. This results in flawless traction, also in rainy conditions. The long durability of the tyre is due to the special rubber compound. Add to this the bombproof straight-line stability and the impressive performance on curves, and the HEIDENAU K58 leaves nothing to be desired.

Modified for even more grip

On request, the tread of the HEIDENAU K58 is also available in roughened form ex-works. This results in an even better grip when starting a journey, especially with higher capacity scooters, and the tyre doesn’t have to be run in for a long time.

The K58 as a racing tyre

With the name “RSC” (Racing Soft Cool) HEIDENAU offers a compound especially for use in rainy weather conditions. The proprietary silica compound ensures a quick warm-up time for reliable grip and fast lap times. And that includes approval for road use!


Conclusion: Whole hosts of happy scooter riders can’t be wrong – the HEIDENAU K58 is one of the best and most popular tyres at SIP Scootershop.

Technical details

  • 10 to 12 inch
  • 3.00 inch to 140 width
  • All sizes also available as reinforced
  • 11 and 12 inch also available modified
  • The 10 inch classic tyre is also available as RSC
  • TL/TT
  • Speed index J, M, P, S

Everything for this bestseller - SIP-TIP:

  • Be sure to check the rim well! It is often rusted and this is to the detriment of the tube and the new tyre. Therefore, take a look at our range of rims. A new rim is usually cheaper than overhauling the old one! The SIP rim fits these tyres perfectly
  • For those who often ride in bad weather: Rainwear at SIP
  • And with this paste your hands will be clean even without water
  • SIP has inexpensive rims for all vehicles. It is best to mount a set of winter or all-weather tyres on rims, then you can change quickly and easily when the weather conditions are right. You don't have to get your fingers dirty unnecessarily or visit a workshop to mount them.

Feedback from the scene

»Excellent Tire Replacement. I used these as replacements for my 1989 Yamaha Riva 200cc. They are a great replacement for the 4.5X10. Fits like a champ. Love the tread and the speed rating. These will be my 'go to' tires the next time I need them.«

–Scurv, SIP Community


»Great cold weather tire. Where to start? I live where temperatures change often and road conditions vary greatly. The K58 holds its own on wet roads even in the dead of winter when most tires would be too rigid to be of any use and maintains its tread when riding on hot, poorly maintained pavement all summer. If you ride all year this is the tire for you.«

–reagansmistress, SIP Community

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