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Tyre DUNLOP ScootSmart 150/70-14 66S TL/TT M/C front & rear
Part no.: DU4011
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6,04kg / Piece
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Product image for 'Tyre DUNLOP ScootSmart 150/70-14 66S TL/TT M/CTitle' Images may differ from the original

Tyre DUNLOP ScootSmart 150/70-14 66S TL/TT M/C

front & rear

  • profile: sport
  • w 150 mm
  • Ø 14"
  • with e-pass
Tyre Sport
10 ratings
Including VAT Plus shipping
6,04kg / Piece

Product description

With the DUNLOP Scootsmart, a scooter tyre is available on the market that fits almost all common scooters.


The technology of the DUNLOP RoadSmart motorcycle tyre has been harnessed for scooters from 50 to 200 cc. The DUNLOP ScootSmart has been a good seller at SIP Scootershop for many years.

  • Unique grip
  • Approved as 16-inch up to 210 km/h
  • Agile handling and long mileage

The demands on modern scooter tyres are increasing all the time. They are as varied as the range of scooters on offer. DUNLOP has completely fulfilled these increased requirements with the ScootSmart high-performance scooter tyre. Offered in 10 to 16-inches, it is available in the form of both bias and radial tyres with a maximum speed rating of up to 210 km/h, which will please riders of the Yamaha T-MAX, Gilera GP or BMW Sport.

From motorcycle to scooter

The know-how from the development of motorcycle tyres played a decisive role in the design of the DUNLOP ScootSmart: The tyre combines several technologies and materials that are also used in the high-tech sports touring tyre RoadSmart. Thanks to high-quality silica tread compounds with ultra-fine carbon black, ScootSmart is able to handle dry and wet weather conditions, and impresses due to its excellent grip, agile handling and long mileage. The DUNLOP RoadSmart is also reflected in the tread pattern.

A tyre with an excellent tread

The DUNLOP ScootSmart has a greater negative tread percentage in the middle of the tread. This influences the wet performance quite considerably: The water is effectively drained from the tread. The tyre also builds excellent grip and confidence in lean angles, as the negative tread percentage decreases towards the tyre shoulders, which optimises the contact with the road. High riding stability, maximum precision and balanced wear were the key specifications for the engineers during the development of the DUNLOP ScootSmart. The tyre therefore maintains its high level of performance throughout its life.


Conclusion: The one tyre for every requirement? With the ScootSmart, DUNLOP has succeeded in pulling it off.

Technical details

  • 10 to 16 inch
  • 3.00 inch to 160 width
  • TL
  • Speed index J, L, P, S, H

We recommend - the SIP TIP:

  • Our rims for tubeless tyres
  • Rim protectors protect tubeless rims in particular from damage during fitting.
  • Changing tyres is quick and easy with this tool

Feedback from the scene

»Wow, what a blast. (...) Fast riding made easy, without any disadvantages at touring speed. First class when accelerating.«

-Editorial recommendation, SCOOTER & Sport, February 2020


»[The tyre] must communicate with the rider, and not only when the rider asks him a clear question. What is possible in braking, what in acceleration and what in lean angle? The ScootSmart tells you very quickly that you can go fast immediately. You can tell how serious the scooter and scooter tyre manufacturers are.«

-Test report,


»One of the best tyres on the market, never slipped or lost grip really tiptop. Highly recommended, a tyre you can rely on.«

-Thomas, tester at


»After a lot of back and forth, I decided on the ScootSmart 3.50-10. It was definitely the right decision. The tyre has a very good grip and I can say that because I am a real racer. Best look and handling.«

-max-vollbrecht, SIP Community

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