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Tuningbox E-Bike BADASS Box 4 2019 for E-Bikes/Pedelecs with Engine SPECIALIZED Turbo Como/ Levo -`19/ Kenevo -`20/ Vado
Part no.: EB100345
3% €154.00
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95g / Piece
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Tuningbox E-Bike BADASS Box 4 2019

for E-Bikes/​Pedelecs with Engine SPECIALIZED Turbo Como/​ Levo -`19/​ Kenevo -`20/​ Vado

  • Assembly: visible via speed sensor
  • displayed: falsified and lower than real
  • activation: clip on and move spokes magnet
  • electric assistance 0-40 km/h
  • Max. Speed: unlimited
  • 61x40x15 mm
  • with integrated sensor
Race use only! Liability, warranty and guarantee on the part of the dealer/manufacturer expires or is severely restricted.
3% €154.00
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VAT included Free shipping
95g / Piece
Part no.: EB100345

Product description

All technical details of the tuning module BADASS Box 4

Cable length:not necessary
Power input:own battery
Supply voltage:1,5V AAA battery
Scope of delivery:Installation and operating instructions, 1 AAA battery, Toolfree 4mm bolt
Decontrol of speed limit:25 km/h / 45 km/h
Control speed:not selectable
Switching on/off in driving modeOnly when stationary - snap lock enables removal in seconds
DisplayValues in the display are shown incorrectly due to the principle
Assembly time2 min
Mounting position:is mounted via speed sensor next to rear wheel
Required toolscrosshead screwdriver
Deconstruction:easily possible and invisible afterwards
Homologation:not road legal in German
What else?No electrical connection to the motor, damage to the drive excluded


OEM numbers (for comparisons): 4260475460334 - 1054 - 159 (BADASS) 4260475460334 (EAN)

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