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Tuning Module E-Bike SPEEDBOX 3.0 for E-Bikes/Pedelecs HAIBIKE FLYON TQ HPR120S

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Tuning Module E-Bike SPEEDBOX 3.0

for E-Bikes/​Pedelecs HAIBIKE FLYON TQ HPR120S

  • invisible at the drive motor
  • displayed: actual values
  • activation: LIGHT-Taste / + - + -
  • controls: display
  • electric assistance - 99 km/h
Race use only! Liability, warranty and guarantee on the part of the dealer/manufacturer expires or is severely restricted.

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128g / Piece

Product description

Haibike owners have been waiting a long time for this: SpeedBox finally delivers the tuning module for the FLYON drives HPR120S, from TQ. Mountain bikers can rejoice!


With the SpeedBox 3.0 tuning module for FLYON, you can freely adjust the speed limiter of the e-bike. After installing the chip, the e-bike display shows correct data such as maximum speed, average speed, daily distance and range.

  • Display of real values
  • Invisibly installed on the motor
  • Controllable via the display

Starting with the SpeedBox 3.0 for FLYON

Toggle the switch twice to activate tuning in two different modes: Simply press the arrow buttons in succession. The current speed is briefly shown on the display and now the motor supports the set speed. If the module is to be switched off, simply switch twice again. The cadence of 25 rpm and the limit of 25 km/h are activated again and the e-bike functions as if the chip had not been installed.

Setting the maximum speed

The following modes are available: EXTREME - HIGH - MID - LOW - MID - HIGH - EXTREME. The current speed limit is shown on the display. If the rear wheel is now turned 180°, the maximum speed changes. 15 rpm displayed corresponds to a speed limit of 15 km/h, 20 rpm is 20 km/h and so on until finally 99 rpm stands for 99 km/h. After five seconds, the last set limit is saved and you are ready to go.

Assembly and disassembly

The colour-coded connectors make assembly relatively easy. After you have gained access to the engine, the existing connections are simply disconnected and the tuning module is inserted in between. It is just as easy to remove the module and restore it to its original state.

You can find detailed instructions here.


Please note: If the tuning module is installed on a brand new e-bike, you should have ridden the bike for at least one kilometre beforehand.


Conclusion: Finally! The long-awaited tuning option for e-bikes with FLYON drives.

Our ideas for easy installation and a pleasant ride - SIP TIP:

OEM numbers (for comparisons): SB3_F_1pcs_BOX (SPEEDBOX)

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