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Tuning Module E-Bike POLINI Hi-Speed for E-Bikes/Pedelecs YAMAHA PW
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Tuning Module E-Bike POLINI Hi-Speed

for E-Bikes/​Pedelecs YAMAHA PW

for display: Yamaha
  • invisible at the drive motor
  • displayed: halved values
  • controls: magnet
  • electric assistance - 50 km/h
Race use only! Liability, warranty and guarantee on the part of the dealer/manufacturer expires or is severely restricted.
No stock
Currently not available, delivery time up to 4 weeks.
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70g / Piece

Product description

The POLINI 'Hi-Speed' is an electronic tuning-module that deresticts the electric motors, produced by BOSCH, from 25 km/h to up to 50km/h with pedelec support. This enables the full performance potential of the motor to be released. The installation of the “Hi-Speed” is childs play, the connections are fully compatible with the originals.


It can be fitted in a few minutes, without having to open the motor or remove the original seals. This tuning tool is completely hidden from view as fixings contained within the motor´s housing are used to hold it in place. The module is activated through placing a magnet (supplied in the kit) on the exterior of the motor housing. When the extra power is not required, the magnet is simply removed, so disabling the device.


Available in two separate versions for the BOSCH Classic Line (#P95083003) and for the Active/Performance Line (#P9508301) electric motor systems.


The assembly instructions for the POLINI tuning module can be found under "Download information".

OEM numbers (for comparisons): *AP* - 950.830.033 (POLINI)

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