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Tuning Kit SIP POLINI 177 cc SPORT "Legal" for Vespa P125-150X/PX125-150E/Lusso
Part no.: 1010310H
VAT included Free shipping
10,38kg / Piece
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Tuning Kit SIP POLINI 177 cc SPORT "Legal"

for Vespa P125-150X/​PX125-150E/​Lusso

  • cast iron
  • 7 ports
  • with oil pump
  • Ø 63mm
  • with cylinder head
  • incl. SIP Performance racing exhaust, SI 24.24 carburettor, jet, airfilter
  • homologation: with part certification
  • Rated power (kW): 12
  • Maximum speed (km/h): 101

TUNING SPORT - powerful

Road legal !
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VAT included Free shipping
10,38kg / Piece
Part no.: 1010310H

Product description




Road legal kit with type approval. A complete package, homologated for the road, with cylinder kit, exhaust pipe and carburettor. The way to a legal fast road scooter.


Classic scooters certainly score high for their looks. On the road they could well do with a bit of an update though. With their yesteryear performance they are neither much fun to ride today, nor are they really safe in today’s traffic.


There are ample options to make your scooter faster, most of them illegal for the use public roads. Strictly speaking you then need a type approval. Easier said than done though. Not every type approval station is eager to legalise the modifications. If you decide to go ahead regardless chances are you will have to invest time, effort and quite a bit of money too. You may have to provide data for power, noise and highspeed, all of which may well cost you a fair sum of money in the end.

  • Low cost legalising
  • No problems with the type approval engineer
  • Legal and fast, fully covered by your insurance

A new dimension of Plug and Play.

Our homologated kits are based on parts which we, after years and years of tuning, carefully selected and combined as kits to work with zero problems in road legal engines to for type approval.


The Polini 177cc Sport Tuningkit is one of our favourites. The SIP Team likes it as much as our customers. Excellent upgrade for all 125 and 150 Largeframe engines. Combined with our classic SIP Performance expansion pipe the kit is an impressive performer, with the partly double wall construction pipe with plenty of ground clearance and rider friendly bottom- and mid-range power it retains the scooter’s usability as a touring scooter. The kit comes complete with all the essential bits and pieces such as a float with a larger needle valve and a carburettor slide that makes setting the carb up a walk in the park even for tuning novices.


The centre piece is the powerful POLINI 177ccm cylinder kit, completed with a larger 24mm SI carburettor of the 200ccm models. The result is better acceleration and higher top speed. The kit comes in two version, one for auto lube, one for premix. Make sure you order the right version for your scooter.


Both kits are a great starting point for further tuning, if you should so wish. Unfortunately this is not covered by the homologation though. If you strip the engine you may want to use the chance for further upgrades, such as a stronger crankshaft or a gearbox better suited for your requirements.


Ist der Motor schon alt oder hat viele Kilometer hinter sich, empfiehlt sich vor dem Umbau eine Motorüberholung. Insbesondere Kurbelwellenlager, Wellendichtringe und Schaltkreuz gehören bei Vespa-Zweitaktmotoren zu den standardmäßigen Verschleißteilen.


Kit is supplied with

  • Tuning cylinder POLINI 177ccm
  • Carburettor DELL`ORTO SI 24.24E, PX200 with or w/o lubrication
  • Modified float and slide
  • Exhaust pipe SIP Performance
  • Main jet
  • Homologation papers

The kit should of course be fitted by a competent workshop. Make sure the ignition timing is set as per the cylinder makes specification. Then it’s off to the type approval station, with the homologation papers. To make sure all goes as it should there it is important to state the identification number of your scooter when you buy the kit. Once all the paper work is sorted you’re good to hit the road.


Conclusion: Our SIP Tuningkits with homologation are great for the both novices and experienced tuners, they offer reliable performance, proven to work over years, based on our tuning experience. And all that straightforward to have legalised for peace of mind.


SIP-TIPP: When fitting the new components also check the ignition. At least replace the spark plug with a suitable one. Whenever you make your engine more powerful you may want to also check your brakes or to upgrade them with our SIP performance brake pads (Art.-Nr. 87330100). Quality shocks will also improve your scooters road holding.

EAN Number: 4260277180706

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