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Tuning Kit SIP BFA 306 cc for Vespa 125 VNA-TS/150 VBA-Super/180-200 Rally/PX80-200/PE/Lusso/T5
Part no.: 7824501J
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25,142kg / Piece
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Tuning Kit SIP BFA 306 cc

for Vespa 125 VNA-TS/​150 VBA-Super/​180-200 Rally/​PX80-200/​PE/​Lusso/​T5

  • Ø 78mm
  • stroke 64mm
  • conrod 0,0mm
  • with cylinder head
  • 8-times bolted
  • with cylinder, crankshaft, clutch

TUNING RACE - for professionals

For race use only. Not admitted in the area of the German StVZO!

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VAT included Free shipping
25,142kg / Piece
Part no.: 7824501J

Product description

All parts essential for the building a SIP BFA engine are in this package. Almost like plug and play.


The oldest wisdom in engine building is: Nothing beats displacement except maybe more displacement! BFA has embraced this idea and taken it to the maximum with a Vespa Largeframe engine with 306cc. They left no stone unturned. Engine cases, barrel, crankshaft, everything was designed from scratch and with the requirements of a 306cc high-end engine in mind. The result is next level Vespa tuning, unlike any Vespa before, with the power, torque and powerband of a proper motocross bike.

Describing the individual components of the Tuningkits yet again would be too much here. They are dealt with depth as individual parts elsewhere. This tuning package contains all SIP BFA engine components. In addition to that it also includes the bits and pieces which cannot be taken from the PX/T5 engines, like bearings, oil seals, or which are required for all new engines, like the swing arm and shock rubber mounts….


Gearbox parts, cylinder cowling and flywheel cover you may already have from other engines may be used. Small parts, like nuts, woodruff keys are PK EFL parts and have to be ordered separately.


The scope of supply of these kits, with miscellaneous engine parts, is as follows

  • Engine cases SIP BFA 225 or 306
  • Cylinder kit SIP BFA 225 or 306 including cylinder head
  • Full circle crankshaft SIP BFA 225 or 306
  • Inlet manifold SIP BFA with 4 petal reed
  • Bearing set engine, art.-no. 90056300
  • Set of oilseals engine, art.-no. 90056400
  • Rubber bushes including spacer shims
  • Modified kickstart gear, art.-no. 113526500
  • Vacuum connection and blanking plug
  • Flywheel cover/cylinder cowling, art.-no. 23328500

There are a number of options for carburettors and ignitions, hence we choose not to include these components in the package. For our own SIP BFA engine projects we used the SIP performance by VAPE ignition and a generously sized DELL'ORTO VHSB 39 ND carburettor. For the gearbox we use the EFL gear cogs by DRT in all engines up to the 72 BHP project and combine them with variations of the DRT layshaft.


Conclusion: No tedious searching for all parts, just place the order for the package to buy all relevant main components for the SIP BFA engine.


The Best Setup – Our SIP-TIP:

  • Don’t forget to order the kickstart quadrant and a modified kickstart
  • Use DRT EFL mainshaft and loose gears (art.-no. 8810300)
  • Inputshaft and primary gear DRT
  • Flywheel cover and cylinder cowling T5 complement the set nicely
  • The ideal carburettors for the powerfull setup either are the DELL`ORTO 39 VHSB 39 ND (art.-no. MA09790) or the Smart Carb SC2 40 (art.-no. 618438SC)
  • Add a suitable long thread spark plug like DENSO IW 31 (art.-no. 88571000) or NGK BR10EIX (art.-no. NGKBR10EIX)
  • Use fully synthetic oil, e.g. SIP Race (art.-no. 14440000) or MALOSSI 7.1 Racing (art.-no. 76823000)
  • SIP Performance ignition by VAPE for PX

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Get inspired. This product is included in the following public notepads:


  • 140,0080powertest

    Polini power test 1400080


    0,01 MB

  • Cylinder head technology

    Cylinder head technology


    1,60 MB

  • BFA 306

    Leistungsgutachte BFA 306


    0,24 MB

  • BFA Motor Anleitung

    BFA Motor Anleitung.pdf


    0,93 MB

  • SIP BFA Engine Instructions

    SIP BFA Engine Instructions.pdf


    0,93 MB

  • BFA 306 Box vs. Original

    Leistungsmessung BFA 306 Box vs. Original


    0,22 MB

  • Leistungsdiagramm BFA 306 - 71PS

    Leistungsdiagramm BFA 306 - 71PS.pdf


    0,54 MB

  • Leistungsdiagramm BFA 306 - 46PS Tourenmotor

    Leistungsdiagramm BFA 306 - 46PS Tourenmotor.pdf


    0,47 MB

  • BFA 306 Resi Box

    Leistungsdiagramm BFA 306 Resi Box


    0,18 MB

  • Leistungsdiagramm BFA 306 - Box Prototyp -Keihin 38 - Davide

    Leistungsdiagramm BFA 306 - Box Prototyp -Keihin 38 - Davide.pdf


    0,23 MB

  • Leistungsdiagramm BFA 306 - 55PS Plug and Play

    Leistungsdiagramm BFA 306 - 55PS Plug and Play.pdf


    0,54 MB

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