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Product Image for 'Tuning Kit SIP 125 cc SPORT "Legal"Title'
Tuning Kit SIP 125 cc SPORT "Legal"
for Vespa P80X/​PX80E/​Lusso mit Getrenntschmierung
Product No.: 1080400H
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10,71kg / Piece
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Product Image for 'Tuning Kit SIP 125 cc SPORT "Legal"Title'
Product Image for 'Tuning Kit SIP 125 cc SPORT "Legal"Title'
Product Image for 'Tuning Kit SIP 125 cc SPORT "Legal"Title'
Product Image for 'Tuning Kit SIP 125 cc SPORT "Legal"Title'
Product Image for 'Tuning Kit SIP 125 cc SPORT "Legal"Title'
Product Image for 'Tuning Kit SIP 125 cc SPORT "Legal"Title'
Product Image for 'Tuning Kit SIP 125 cc SPORT "Legal"Title'
Product Image for 'Tuning Kit SIP 125 cc SPORT "Legal"Title'
Product Image for 'Tuning Kit SIP 125 cc SPORT "Legal"Title'
Product Image for 'Tuning Kit SIP 125 cc SPORT "Legal"Title'
Product Image for 'Tuning Kit SIP 125 cc SPORT "Legal"Title'
Product Image for 'Tuning Kit SIP 125 cc SPORT "Legal"Title'

Tuning Kit SIP 125 cc SPORT "Legal"

for Vespa P80X/​PX80E/​Lusso mit Getrenntschmierung
  • cast iron
  • 3 ports
  • Ø 57mm
  • stroke 48mm
  • with cylinder head
  • incl. SIP Performance racing exhaust, SI 24.24 carburettor, jet, airfilter
  • with part certification
SPORT-TUNING, high-performance & roadworthy

Product description

Information : Please include the full VIN (Piaggio frame number) of the scooter to be repaired with your order to assist with the correct frame identification!



Plug and Play, taken to a new dimension. These new 'Tuning kits with Part Conformity Certification' allow us to offer the fruits of our many combined years of scooter tuning experience including documentation enabling immediate inclusion of the performance enhancing tuning parts included in German registered scooter documentation.


Light motorcycles have been, since January 2013, no longer legally restricted to a maximum speed of 80 kph. This opens new possibilities as far as street legal tuning is concerned. Due to the fact that the original PIAGGIO PX 80 cylinders are no longer being produced, the choice when replacement was necessary, was restricted between a reconditioned original item or a performance cylinder with either 135 or 139cc. The second 'solution' provides a problem of legality if you only possess a driving licence which allows you to ride machines of up to 125cc.


Immediate relief can be obtained here with our Tuning Kit SIP 125cc Sport, which we have made legal for road use through full part conformity approval. It provides noticeable increase in power output and a higher top-speed, while also being very durable. It is also all easily mounted, without engine casings modification, so leaving no trace should the components be removed.


The Tuning Kit SIP 125cc Sport has been created by the SIP team. It represents an excellent upgrade for 80cc Vespa largeframe motors. Our classic SIP Performance expansion chamber exhaust adds a sporting touch, but can also still master the longer tours due to its relatively quiet, partly double-skinned construction. The good cornering clearance coupled with a harmonic power delivery, especially at low revs, also make it ideal for longer trips. We have also included a number of small but effective parts, such as the carburettor float chamber with enlarged needle valve and the noticeably larger throttle slide, enabling an introduction to solid and comprehensive tuning for the less experienced Vespa owners and mechanics. The core of the kit is represented by the throttle responsive SIP 125cc cylinder and the larger SI24 carburettor from the 200cc models. More torque and more speed are the welcome result! We have the kit available with either an auto-lube type carburettor or the earlier type without this feature. If the engine is old or has a high mileage, a general overhaul is recommended before this conversion. More especially the crankshaft bearings, shaft oil seals and selector cruciform always require replacement during a major service of any two-stroke Vespa engine. Both tuning kits provide an excellent basis for further tuning measures, although you should be aware that the part conformity approval will then lose its validity. If the engine casings are going to be split anyway the opportunity presents itself to simultaneously exchange and/or upgrade the crankshaft. During this open-heart surgery why not consider optimising a few essential gearbox components?


Conclusion : These SIP Tuning Kits including part conformity certification documentation allow budding German-based tuners to benefit from our combined tuning experience for fully legal and reliably fast motors! All this with a clear conscience during the next vehicle inspection or police check point due to completely documented tuning components!


Tuning Kit SIP 125cc sport with full part conformity certification documentation: SIP 125cc performance cylinder, Dell'Orto SI 24.24E (with or without a fuel mixture mechanism) from the PX200 including a larger float chamber and a specially modified throttle slide, SIP Performance racing exhaust, larger main jet, ignition point 19° BTDC


SIP – TIP: Check over your ignition for full operation and at least renew the spark plug. Make sure the brakes are in fully serviced when increasing the performance of the motor, our SIP Performance brake shoes are capable of the job. A good set of shock absorbers ensure you do not completely lose your grip!

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