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Tuning Kit PINASCO 160 cc for Vespa 125 VM/VN/ACMA/150 VB/VGL1/VL
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Tuning Kit PINASCO 160 cc

for Vespa 125 VM/​VN/​ACMA/​150 VB/​VGL1/​VL

  • Ø 60mm
  • stroke 57mm
TUNING ROAD - for everyday use
For race use only. Not admitted in the area of the German StVZO!
In stock
Delivery time 1-3 workdays
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Including VAT Free shipping
4,76kg / Piece

Product description

The presentation of the 'Faro Basso' performance cylinder, by PINASCO, makes a 'Plug & play' race cylinder for wheezy vintage wideframe models a reality at last! Its 166cc is made possible by a stroke of 57mm and a bore diameter of 60mm, which is kept supplied with adequate amounts of fresh fuel charge by a total of five transfer ports. Its newly developed cylinder head, included with the kit, provides the suitable compression.


This cylinder kit is compatible with all Vespa wideframe models with an original capacity of either 125 or 150cc. The 125cc motor, with a stroke of just 54mm, will require a crankshaft conversion to provide the necessary 57mm of stroke used by this cylinder kit. Due to the increased performance of this cylinder we strongly recommend the inclusion of a tuning type crankshaft, such as those produced by PINASCO, STOFFI or TAMENI, for both 125cc and 150cc models.


Aluminium / 60mm bore / 5 transfer ports / 166cc

To realise the potential of this performance cylinder we recommend its combination with a 23mm POLINI CP carburettor kit, an electronic ignition and our very own SIP Road exhaust system.


SIP - TIP : Why not upgrade your suspension to match your new-found performance? We can also recommend our SIP Performance shock absorbers for an optimal ride-quality!


Please note: When using VM/VN/ACMA engine cases the piston bottom (piston skirt) must be shortened by approx. 3-4mm.

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