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Tuning Kit MALOSSI 282 cc for Vespa GTS/GTS Super/GTS Super Sport/GTV 300ccm 4T LC

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Part no.: M3114700
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Tuning Kit MALOSSI 282 cc

for Vespa GTS/​GTS Super/​GTS Super Sport/​GTV 300ccm 4T LC

Quasar 300cc 4-stroke LC i.e.
  • aluminium
  • Ø 75,5mm
  • stroke 63mm
  • pin 16mm
  • incl. cylinder, cylinder head V4
TUNING SPORT - high-performance
For race use only. Not admitted in the area of the German StVZO!

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4,55kg / Piece

Product description

The range of cylinders that MALOSSI have available for four-stroke Maxi scooters has, over the years, grown considerably. One of their main selling points has always been a long-lasting reliability in everyday use, despite their high power output. The reason for this is easily explained. The experience that MALOSSI gains on the racing scene results in prototype components being created with this knowledge. These items are then further tested, developed and perfected on the race circuit. This evolutionary process leads to the high quality of the tuning components they produce. In addition MALOSSI use the finest grade of materials and the very latest production techniques to ensure precise, minimal manufacturing tolerances with all of their products.

MALOSSI have a power upgrade available for all tired PIAGGIO Quasar motors. Leading the way, they have made their mark with the introduction of this 269cc performance cylinder for the Vespa GTS 250 and also an even larger 282cc version for the GTS 300. Both kits are produced using aluminium with the excellent quality we have come to expect from the tuning experts at MALOSSI. The necessary durability provided in the form of a nicasil lined bore, specialised alloy components and an ultra-lightweight piston design complete with special low-friction piston rings. As far as the increase in performance is concerned, when properly set up, you will be most probably be positively surprised!


For those who want more, there is no way around the MALOSSI V4 cylinder head. The enlarged and gas-flowed inlet and outlet valve channels help flood your cylinder with a fresh fuel/air mix and ensure a fully fuel-charged combustion chamber. When combined with a performance cylinder we are sure that a power increase of 20% should satisfy your needs. The torque output is also impressively boosted, especially at the lower end of the rev range


Aluminium / 74-75.5mm bore / four-stroke / LC

Aluminium cylinder with a nicasil lined bore, 269cc for the Quasar 250 motors (60mm stroke, 15mm diameter gudgeon pin), 282cc for the Quasar 300 motors (60mm stroke, 16mm diameter gudgeon pin), 1:12.5 compression ratio, original exhaust and carb compatible, lightweight forged aluminium piston with a high silicium proportion for added durability including two low-friction rings and an oil-scraper ring, optimised gas-flow properties and improved fuel economy.


SIP-TIP : An optimal set up of the OE PIAGGIO fuel-injection set up can be achieved with the fuel-injection control module produced by PM Tuning. If a performance enhancing exhaust system is included in your set up we recommend the use of the MALOSSI Lambda Emulator. An increase in power output also deserves an upgrade of the peripheral components such as a taller overall gear ratio and a MALOSSI Multivar variator unit. We recommend the use of a NGK CR8EKB spark plug with these cylinders.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 3114700 (MALOSSI)
EAN Number: 42602771809231

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