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Tone Wheel KÜBLER Racing ABS rear for Vespa GTS HPE 300ccm
Part no.: KBPI0010
VAT included Plus shipping
70g / Piece
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Tone Wheel KÜBLER Racing ABS rear

for Vespa GTS HPE 300ccm

  • 44 teeth
  • 5-hole
  • only for models with ASR
For race use only. Not admitted in the area of the German StVZO!
11 ratings
VAT included Plus shipping
70g / Piece
Part no.: KBPI0010

Product description

A higher maximum speed with this speedometer sensor by KÜBLER RACING, suitable for the Vespa GTS HPE 300 models produced since 2019.


This modified speed sensor from KÜBLER RACING enables you to increase the top speed of an otherwise standard Vespa GTS HPE 300 by up to 10 kph! The premature activation of the rev-limiter, found on the latest GTS HPE models, causes the electronic regulator to unnecessarily restrict the motor. This process is set in motion as an incorrect road speed is registered and displayed by the speedometer. While travelling at an actual speed of around 120 kph the original speedometer displays 130 kph, which then automatically restricts the motors performance.


This newly developed speed sensor from KÜBLER RACING has an altered geometrical layout to the original, enabling a more accurate signal of the actual road speed to be transmitted to the electronic regulator device. Consequently, the motors performance is first restricted when the scooter is travelling at an actual speed of 130 kph.


It is easily mounted and can be removed without leaving a trace. To attach the speed sensor the exhaust and swing arm requires prior removal in order to bolt the speed sensor to the rear wheel.


Mounting Information: Once the new sensor is fitted, the scooters ASR system will require recalibration. This process is explained by clicking here: ASR system recalibration.


SIP – TIP: If you prefer a more accurate and advanced display, why not fit our SIP Digital Speedometer/Rev Counter?

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