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Product Image for 'Suspension Arm Cover PIAGGIOTitle'
Suspension Arm Cover PIAGGIO
for Vespa 125 VNB6/​GT/​GTR/​Super/​TS/​150 Sprint/​V/​Super/​Rally
Product No.: 61002600
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64g / Piece
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Suspension Arm Cover PIAGGIO

for Vespa 125 VNB6/​GT/​GTR/​Super/​TS/​150 Sprint/​V/​Super/​Rally
  • chrome
  • emblem: Vespa
6 ratings
Net price Plus shipping
64g / Piece

Product description

Suspension arm cover work to protect rocker bearings and nuts from dust and grime. Originally, matt aluminum covers were included in all Vespa models up to the PX/5/PK series. Later, PIAGGIO turned to colored plastic covers.


To help you order the right part, we've arranged each part by model description in which the part was originally included. Keeping with the custom look image, almost all suspension arm covers are made of chrome and polished aluminum. Ideal in combination with a colour coordinated mudguard crest. Quick and easy installation within minutes.


The suspension arm covers of the Vespa V30 up to the Vespa Rally are interchangeable. The only difference here is the surface shape. Until construction year 69/70 they came with a bar, afterwards the surface was smooth.

The trailing link suspension covers available for the VESPA models between the V30 and VESPA Rally are interchangeable. The only difference is the design of the outer surface. Up till 1969/70 they were bridged and after that smooth in appearance.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 610026M (PIAGGIO)

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