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Sticker run-in rules, "RODAGGIO"

for Vespa 125 VNA/​VNB/​150 VBA

  • red
  • l=150,0mm
  • w=145,0mm
  • 3 gear
  • Italian, water soluable decals
One rating
VAT included Plus shipping
15g / Piece
Part no.: 70058950

Product description

Earlier models of Vespa were always provided with a transferincluding details for initial use and general vehicle information, applied to the inner surface of the frame. PIAGGIO informed the first owners of their machines how the engine was to be run in properly when fresh from the factory. The fuel-mix ratio, various tyre pressures and even the recommended maximum speeds in each individual gear during the running in period were just some of the essential data displayed. A selection of these items are available as water-soluble transfers, for a direct and permanent application to your paintwork, just like the original items. For exact details of how to apply these decals please consult the download area of our website. For other models we have more normal sticker versions available that are printed conventionally on a base of transparent adhesive plastic material.

Conclusion: The icing on the cake of your custom or tuning project. Not just for the older models of Vespa.

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