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Stator Plate P/A for Vespa P150X VLX1T 365649 ->/P200E VSX1T 140843->/PX125-200E/PX125 E Lusso -> VNX2T 200000
Part no.: 19918800
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760g / Piece
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Stator Plate P/A

for Vespa P150X VLX1T 365649 ->/​P200E VSX1T 140843->/​PX125-200E/​PX125 E Lusso -> VNX2T 200000

  • 5 coils
  • 7 wires
  • w/o multiplug
Grade B - decent repair
6 ratings
Including VAT Plus shipping
760g / Piece

Product description

Due to their comparatively long life and tough working environment, the Stator Plate units on the earlier VESPA models are often defective in some way or another which lead to those niggling little electrical problems that add to the 'character' of your scooter. You don't need to accept this state of affairs! We have a large supply stator plate units in stock, at very agreeable prices.

Most stator plates for the earlier VESPA models, with a points ignition system, are no longer produced by PIAGGIO. BAJAJ, on the other hand, can deliver reproductions for most older models electrical systems. The price is very competitive, with a more than adequate quality for the job in hand. If you still cannot find the replacement part for your particular VESPA model we recommend a complete stator plate rebuild or even an upgrade to an electronic ignition.

There are an enormous variety of stator plates available for the VESPA PX and PK model ranges. Always pay attention to the number of electrical cables attached, type of coils used and the various electrical components peculiar to your individual VESPA model (indicators, battery, electric starter etc.). The LML, COSA and T5 VESPA models OE stator plates assemblies produce between 90 and 120 Watt. A noticeable increase compared to the original PX models stator plates power output of only 80 Watts. With an 80 Watt Voltage Regulator to complete the set up, all PX models can be powered up to date. Throw in a complete bulb upgrade and you will be lighting up the place in no time!


SIP-TIP: When ordering the stator plate with an external ignition coil (electronic unit) do not forget to order one as well. A flywheel remover, piston stopper and degree disc make ignition work a lot easier. Check your wiring loom for defects and repair as necessary.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 1991882 (PIAGGIO)

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