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Speedometer/Rev Counter SIP for Vespa 50 SS/90 SS/125/PV/ET3/GTR/TS/Super/150 Sprint V/Super/Rally
Part no.: 50000610
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554g / Piece
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Speedometer/Rev Counter SIP

for Vespa 50 SS/​90 SS/​125/​PV/​ET3/​GTR/​TS/​Super/​150 Sprint V/​Super/​Rally

  • -199km/h bzw. 125mph
  • face: white
  • black numbers
  • 0-14.000 rpm, analog/digital, Ø km/h, km/day, -250°C, clock, 12V AC/DC
2 ratings
VAT included Free shipping
554g / Piece
Part no.: 50000610

Product description

Understatement is our business - a real hottie, the SIP Rev Counter is the new scooter dream tool - rev counter and speedometer in one, with an original appearance that defies comparison.

SIP, working together with a high end instrument company, developed this daring piece of equipment designed to carry the original style to new technical heights. For example, the face of this analog instrument is done in typeface with the km/h display virtually in the same position as the original. Measurements show up to 14.000 rpm's, scaling is 100 x revs per min. Analog, and for exact displays, also digital.

These Speedometers are available with both black and white coloured number face surfacing. In addition, the version available for old-school VBB Vespa models can also be ordered in beige/white, providing an authentic, sun-bleached appearance. The display is a Black Edition version and practically invisible when the motor is off.


The following information is shown highly visible:

- speeds up to 199 km/h or 125 mph

- temperatures up to 250° C for cylinder head or water temperature, a temperature sensor for spark plugs is included in delivery

- Driving time

Additional options

- display 12,000, respectively, 14,000 rpm's

- total route mileage in km/miles

- riding time

- average speed 0-199 km/h / 0-125 mph


Quick and easy installation. Speed measurements are made in the same manner as the original, requiring no additional sensors.

Data reception can also be directed through the lighting. The SIP rev counter can be installed in the same manner as original speedometers. All data is recorded on internal database.

Speedometer functions on 12V AC/DC. No batteries required! Can be connected to Vespatronic and Parmakit ignition. Adjustment and display changes are easily carried out through just a tip of the finger on the button, which can be mounted inconspicuously on or under the light switch.

Grand Prix feeling: your speedometer displays the hot touch of racing technology with a self test on motor ignition ;-).


Notice: You have to use an interference suppressed spark plug and resistor cap.


Conclusion: The first high end instrument to combine speedometer and rev counter with original optics. Whether on the race track, on extended tours or curving around town, this new classic is at home delivering the goods.


Speedometer 199 kmh / 125 mph 12,000 / 14,000 rpm's

Highest speeds 0-199 kmh / 0-125 mph, rev counter analog/digital 0-14,000 rpm's, temperatures up to 250° C, 24 hour clock, total mileage display, single stretches up to 1,000 km/miles, driving time, average speeds 0-199 kmh / 0-125 mph, includes voltage regulator, temperature sensor installation parts.


SIP-TIP: Speed Sensor SIP with digitale speedocable available as option. Art.-Nr. 50000270









NEW: Now with separate speed sensor function. 2 options of measuring the speed now. Art.-Nr. 50000270


Markus Weßner, an ex-SIP coworker and famous mechanic in German Vespa scene, 02/2010:

PX old: Problem free installation can be done by anyone with a little know how.

Sprint V/Rally/etc: easy to install on Italian models. When installing on German models with handlebar blinkers, get ready to cuss. The speedometer fits good, the holder is well positioned and connecting is a done deal. Rev counter basic adjustment works well. Due to the rev counter receiving the signal through the lighting system (AC/DC), it doesn't matter if the Vespatronic sparks twice. The original voltage regulator is used anyway with the PX. The Vespatronic voltage regulator functions the same way! Trouble free.


Scootitude #21 Nov-Dec.2012 (about Art-No. 50000700):

"À l?usage, le compteur est très agreeable à l'utilisation avec une esthétique du plus bel effet. Nous apprécions particulièrement l'affichage de l'heure (surtout sur un daily!). Pour les longs trajets, l'information sur la temperature moteur est intéressante notamment sur un moteur un peu poussé et permet d'adapter sa conduit en consequence. Le compte-tours quant à lui est très facilement lisible sous sa forme digitale.. . Au final, nous retiendrons un rapport qualitè/prix très bien placé. L'installation n'est pas compliquée.... Un excellent produit sur un scoot à usage quotidian ou kitté."




EAN Number: 42603352501384

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