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Product image for 'Spare Wheel Holder for 10" rim, open, behind legshieldsTitle'
Spare Wheel Holder for 10" rim, open, behind legshields for Vespa 50 Special V5B1-3/SS/90 Racer/100 2°/SS/125 Primavera/ET3/125 GT/GTR/TS/150 VGLA-B/GS VS5/GL/Sprint/V
Part no.: 90956100
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350g / Piece
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Product image for 'Spare Wheel Holder for 10" rim, open, behind legshieldsTitle' Images may differ from the original

Spare Wheel Holder for 10" rim, open, behind legshields

for Vespa 50 Special V5B1-3/​SS/​90 Racer/​100 2°/​SS/​125 Primavera/​ET3/​125 GT/​GTR/​TS/​150 VGLA-B/​GS VS5/​GL/​Sprint/​V

  • aluminium
  • silver
  • hole distance frame: 62mm
16 ratings
Including VAT Plus shipping
350g / Piece

Product description

Whether on a tour or simply in town – a flat tyre can happen at any time and anywhere. In order to be prepared for such a surprise, we recommend you ride with a spare wheel.


Of course, a spare wheel holder is required for this. There are different varieties available. The spare wheel can be mounted into the front part of the floor board, parallel to the floor board or simply at the tail of the Vespa. The holders are also available in different colour finishes. When buying, care must not only be taken with regard to the correct model but also the size and the type of rim, i.e. whether the rim is open or closed. Unless otherwise marked, the nuts and bolts for the mounting of the spare wheel holder must be ordered separately. The spare wheel holders for the front floor are easy to mount. Previously prefabricated threads are available in the chassis. Simply bolt down and you're finished.


Unless otherwise indicated, the bolts and nuts for mounting the spare wheel holder must be ordered separately.


Spare Wheel Holder for behind legshield

The spare wheel holders for the legshields are easy to install. Pre-fabricated threads are available in the frame. Simply tighten down and you're finished.


SIP TIP: The screws for affixing the frame are not included in the delivery package (apart from part no 90990000). Spare wheel covers hide the unattractive spare wheel. Also available with a bag for additional storage space!


SIP-COMMUNITY User afri1971afri about part no. 90 990000: "Fits great, very good quality"

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