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Product image for 'Spacer "COSA 2" for "COSA 2" clutch 24,5x15,2x0,8 mmTitle'
Spacer "COSA 2" for "COSA 2" clutch 24,5x15,2x0,8 mm for Vespa PX125-200 E Lusso '95->/'98/MY/'11/Cosa 2
Part no.: 69821000
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2g / Piece
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Product image for 'Spacer "COSA 2" for "COSA 2" clutch 24,5x15,2x0,8 mmTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'Spacer "COSA 2" for "COSA 2" clutch 24,5x15,2x0,8 mmTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'Spacer "COSA 2" for "COSA 2" clutch 24,5x15,2x0,8 mmTitle'
Product image for 'Spacer "COSA 2" for "COSA 2" clutch 24,5x15,2x0,8 mmTitle'

Spacer "COSA 2" for "COSA 2" clutch 24,5x15,2x0,8 mm

for Vespa PX125-200 E Lusso '95->/​'98/​MY/​'11/​Cosa 2

Grade AA - first-class repair
37 ratings
Including VAT Plus shipping
2g / Piece

Product description

A spacer disc for mounting beneath the Vespa largeframe clutch.


The spacer disc, located behind the clutch, ensures a solid drive train connection between the clutch and crankshaft. This small but essential part also determines the correct clutch height and positioning once assembled.

  • Decides the correct distance between the clutch and crankshaft.
  • Ensures a solid drive train connection between the clutch and crankshaft.
  • Correct height and positioning are essential for clutch operation.

Once the clutch has been tightened onto the crankshaft, the spacer disc is exposed to enormous mechanical force. In a worst case scenario they can fail during operation, which stops the transmission of power through the engine. This means that these items should be checked regularly during maintenance work and always tightened to the correct torque value!

The SIP spacer discs

We have had spacer discs produced, and we insisted on the inclusion of a few extra features. They are laser-etched and this is positioned on the disc so that it should always be visible during instalment. This ensures that the disc has the correct side facing the crankshaft and also the correct side facing the clutch. They are available in different thicknesses, to compensate for different clutch constructional heights, where for example an aftermarket tuning clutch has been fitted. These spacers are very solid in construction, tempered and also possess a nitrated surface finishing.

The best set up – our SIP–TIP:

  • Replace the lock-nut with a hex nut. This allows the clutch to be more securely attached.
  • Always check and eventually replace the woodruff-keys if necessary.
  • Worn pressure plates also require renewal.


SIP-TiPP:  A width of circa 0.5mm play is necessary between the outer edge of the clutch base plate and the clutch gear for exact separation. Tolerances with the clutch check disk as well as the clutch can lead to lowered play. This can cause clutch separation problems.


If this separation problem arise; try sanding the clutch gear lightly (2/10 mm) or, much more simple, use the distance washer # 69821000.

EAN Number: 42602771806353

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