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Shock Absorber SIP PERFORMANCE front for Vespa 125 V30-33/VM/VN/ACMA/Hoffmann C/VNA-TS/150 VL/VB1/VD/VGLA/B/VGL1/GS/VBA-Super/Rally/P150S
Part no.: 78000FSMM
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560g / Piece
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Shock Absorber SIP PERFORMANCE front

for Vespa 125 V30-33/​VM/​VN/​ACMA/​Hoffmann C/​VNA-TS/​150 VL/​VB1/​VD/​VGLA/​B/​VGL1/​GS/​VBA-Super/​Rally/​P150S

  • l 175/210 mm
  • body: silver matt
  • stiffness: 60 PSI
  • seating: lug/lug

Suspension SPORT - comfortable
3 ratings
VAT included Free shipping
560g / Piece
Part no.: 78000FSMM

Product description

SIP Performanceshock absorbers for all Vespa models with a separate spring and damper suspension. Aluminium, CNC machined, anodised


Almost all shock absorbers currently available for Vespa models with a separate spring and damper suspension have no effective damping function, mostly due to their technical layout. Even shock absorbers with adjustable compression damping provide a noticeably stiffer suspension, although the expanding spring is not damped or slowed. This leads to the shock absorber expanding quickly, sending a jolt through the handlebars.


One of the main aims in designing the SIP performance shock absorber was to provide optimal damping during the rebound phase. The rebound damping ensures a clean and even shock absorber expansion at a controllable rate. This causes, for example during braking, the front end of the scooter to recover softly and remain controllable without acting like a pogo stick! The damping process takes place in two seperate chambers, one filled with gas, the other with oil. Shock bushes are made out of polyurethane rubber.


These shock absorbers are available with two separate grades of stiffness :

60 PSI: for comfortable riding or race track useage

100 PSI: for XXL guys or lots of luggage

The stiffer the damper the higher the PSI rating (the quicker the rebound). Another important factor is the choice of spring. We recommend springs with at least a 25-33% increase in stiffness.


Mounting instructions: Before installing, check the upper and lower screws for fastening the shock absorber to the eye. Unfortunately, depending on the supplier, these are not always true to size and have to be reworked.


When the spring is too weak the shocker over compresses creating an ineffective angle on the trailing link suspension. A stiffer spring is required.











Note on the operation of shock absorbers in the area of the German StVZO:

Shock absorbers that are not part of a suspension strut, i.e. separate from the spring, do not require their own approval. The SIP front shock absorbers for Vespa V15 to Sprint/Rally (78000F) as well as for Lambretta (5608F) meet the following criteria of the Block Exemption Regulation and are therefore NOT subject to registration in the vehicle documents: "Shock absorbers that correspond to the original in function and size fall within the Block Exemption Regulation and do not require their own approval." [...] "It does not matter whether a standard oil damper is exchanged for a "better" gas pressure damper. According to the BER, a "better quality" may be used explicitly and does not constitute tuning as long as the connection and functional dimensions are not changed." (Sources: EC Regulation No. 1400/2002 "BER"; RiLi 39 to §19 StVZO)

EAN Number: 4260335255636

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