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Shock Absorber BITUBO Racing "YEV", gekürzt, front for Vespa PK50-125/S/SS/XL/XL2/Automatica
Part no.: 70011500
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2,05kg / Piece
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Shock Absorber BITUBO Racing "YEV", gekürzt, front

for Vespa PK50-125/​S/​SS/​XL/​XL2/​Automatica

  • l 175 mm
  • body: black
  • spring: red
  • compression stroke: 12 settings
  • spring pre-load: adjustable
  • 3cm shortened, fits also V50/PV/ET3 with shortened PK fork
  • without TÜV test report

Suspension RACE - first-class

For race use only. Not admitted in the area of the German StVZO!
9 ratings
VAT included Free shipping
2,05kg / Piece
Part no.: 70011500

Product description

Shock absorbers that are too soft can break easily or give you the fright of your life in curves or at high speeds. Sport shock absorbers represent a clear improvement to the suspension. BITUBO has been offering Vespa riders stylish and effective shock absorbers for several decades. The considerable racing experience which BITUBO has gained, especially in the motorcycle Grand Prix, has been incorporated in the development of these shock absorbers. The high BITUBO quality standard is guaranteed through testing each individual suspension strut. BITUBO also offers TÜV (German Ministry of Transport) component reports for a range of models, thereby enabling TÜV-approved use on the road. The following BITUBOs are available for classic Vespas:


Sport: The entry level model from BITUBO is a hydraulic oil shock absorber specially developed for the Vespa. The PPS system (progressive pressure system) has been fitted to all BITUBO shocks since 2009 and guarantees to work well when riding with a pillion. The spring is progressive and the spring preload is continuously adjustable. The shock absorbers also come supplied with TÜV certification.


Classic sport: These excellent shock absorbers were peerless for many moons. This nitrogen filled gas pressure shock absorber has a large, external compensating reservoir for optimum damping behaviour, also at high thermal loads. The compression damping has 12 settings. The spring is progressive and the spring preload is continuously adjustable. Die YAV/YZV range is supplied with a red body and a red spring. BITUBO has regrettably discontinued these classic racing visuals, these shocks are now manufactured for SIP in small batches only. All of these shocks come supplied with TÜV certification.


Racing: The YEV/YLV shock absorbers replace the Classic Sport shocks but are almost the same as their predecessors. The body is now in a more aggressive black, the compression damping setting has been changed slightly. TÜV certification is now available for some models.


Please note: BITUBO shock absorbers should not be filled with air. The valve on the shock absorber is for the first fill only.

Conclusion: Very nice shock absorbers which represent a considerable improvement to all Vespa suspensions.


SIP-TIP: Replace the silent rubber shocks, fit a new rear shock absorber screw (for PX models srew 87410000 is neccessary) and distance nut if neccessary. If you optimise your shock absorbers, you should take the opportunity to fit a disc brake.

The lowered SERIE PRO variant is shortened and fits perfectly for the PK Steering Column conversion in V50/PV/ET3 frames. If it is not shortened, the V50 with PK Fork has a chopper look.

EAN Number: 42602771807473

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