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Shock Absorber Base Plate SIP for SIP / ZELIONI / RacingBros shock absorber, front

for Vespa GTS/​GTS Super/​GTV/​GT60/​GT/​GT L 125-300ccm

for Vespa LX/​LXV/​S 50-150ccm
  • aluminium
  • black anodised
  • Lowering 17,5mm

Suspension RACE - first-class

Race use only!
OEM number(s): 273693 - 601556 (PIAGGIO)
2 ratings
VAT included Plus shipping
80g / Piece
Part no.: MV273693

Product description

Plug & Play front suspension lowering kit, for improved riding characteristics.


If you have already invested time and money equipping your Vespa with upgraded suspension components and wish to further improve its behaviour while riding, then look no further! These suspension lowering shock absorber mounting plates, from the SIP PERFORMANCE range, really do complete the task perfectly!

  • CNC machined aluminium.
  • Anodised black.
  • Available with either a 7mm or 17.5mm suspension lowering distance.

The design of these shock absorber adapters is strongly based on that of the ORIGINAL items, but our versions are individually CNC machined from sturdy aluminium alloy billet and then anodised in a fetching shade of black. When directly compared to the layout of the original part, our versions allow the shock absorber to be positioned either 17.5mm or just 7mm further towards the top mounting, shifting the scooters front end closer to the ground.


Our more minimal 7mm version is plug & play compatible with almost all currently available aftermarket shock absorber types for this scooter and can be mounted without further modifications.

If you prefer the extreme conversion, you will definitely appreciate the advantages of the 17.5mm version. Due to its unique design it is only compatible with shock absorbers produced by ZELIONI, RACING BROS and our SIP types. All other currently available shock absorbers quickly display their limits and come into contact with the conversion mounting plate, making riding impossible. According to the make of shock absorber chosen for use and its outer dimensions, the mudguard may require a little modification. A hole must then be cut to avoid collision between the shock absorber mounting and the mudguards edge.

What are the main advantages of a lowered front suspension?

These modified shock absorber mounting plates lower the front end of the scooter while also reducing the operation angle of the trailing-link suspension mechanism. This results in a lower centre of gravity for the scooter and also a noticeably more relaxed shock absorber rebound action. This facilitates a much smoother suspension and also decidedly improves the directional stability at higher speeds.


Conclusion: The final piece in the jigsaw puzzle of an upgraded suspension. If you genuinely wish to consequently upgrade the Vespa GTS suspension, then there is no way round the fitting of a decent set of shock absorbers and a lowered chassis!

Additional essentials – our SIP-TIP:

  • The spongy feel of the ORIGINAL shock absorber damping rubbers can be easily eliminated by replacing them with the much stiffer polyurethane types produced by Buchsenfuchs.
  • A decent set of shock absorbers are also essential, we recommend our SIP PERFORMANCE shock absorbers for this job.
OEM numbers (for comparisons): 273693 - 601556 (PIAGGIO)

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