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Product image for 'Selector Box, "old PX"Title'
Selector Box, "old PX" for Vespa P80-150X/P150S 1°/P200E/PX80-200 E/Lusso 1°

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Part no.: 87034100
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375g / Piece
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Product image for 'Selector Box, "old PX"Title' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'Selector Box, "old PX"Title' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'Selector Box, "old PX"Title' Images may differ from the original

Selector Box, "old PX"

for Vespa P80-150X/​P150S 1°/​P200E/​PX80-200 E/​Lusso 1°

  • chrome
  • 4 gear
Grade C - low-priced repairs and as an attractive accessory

In stock

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Including VAT Plus shipping
375g / Piece

Product description

There are two different types of selector box for the motors of the PX range “old PX” and “PX Lusso”. Often the output shaft, selector rod and selector boxes were combined in different ways. This can lead to that the gears jump. If in doubt, measure it: The position of the selector rod in 3rd gear in some of the versions can differ by up to 1.5mm. Regrettably the manufacturers production tolerances can vary. An original motor with 7 – 10 PS can still operate reliably under these conditions but a tuned motor requires more precision.


PIAGGIO often deliver items that have the same article number, but originate from different manufacturers and mixes the PX, Lusso and T5 versions regularly with or without a neutral gear position indicator. We try to correct this mix ups as these items are delivered to us and can cover PIAGGIOs deficits in delivery with the LML and FA items we have in stock. The FA items stand out from the crowd with their excellent value-for-money and the high quality of production. The premium version have more of an individually hand produced quality, combined with more exact dimensions. At last we can put an end to problems with incorrect selector box arm positioning.


The version which has a neutral gear indicator came with the Vespa models intended for the US market and Portugal and also the Vespa COSA series one. They can be fitted to almost all PX models, young and old, along with a nice place for the neutral gear indicator.


Conclusion: The higher the state of tune, the more precise your gear changing mechanism should be!


SIP-TIP: Go the whole hog and use strengthened springs and DRT selector rod spacers for perfect gear selection.


SIP community user “tcpip” on Art.-No. 19980300: “Good, fits great and definite value-for-money.”


SIP community user “v50knecht” on Art.-No. 19980300: “At last, clean gear selection can be setup properly. The gears stay selected and don't jump out anymore...”



Position lever 1,5 mm higher than gasket level in 3rd gear


Position lever

4. gear +12,0 mm

3. gear +1,5 mm

2. gear 10,5 mm

neutral 17,0 mm

1. gear 23,7 mm

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 138880 (PIAGGIO)

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