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Seat SIP Classic for Vespa 50-125/PV/ET3
Part no.: 75503CBRV
VAT included Free shipping
4kg / Piece
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Seat SIP Classic

for Vespa 50-125/​PV/​ET3

  • brown vintage, chocolate brown RAL 8017
  • with white welt
  • w/o lock
  • with belt
5 ratings
VAT included Free shipping
4kg / Piece
Part no.: 75503CBRV

Product description

Vespa seats are inevitably exposed to wear over the years and eventually the time comes when they require replacement. The SIP Classic types are an ideal alternative.


If you prefer to save a little cash and a completely original replacement has no priority, we have all common Vespa seat types reproduced as aftermarket items for sale in our webshop. They are almost identical to the originals, apart from small details such as the seam pattern and a slightly thicker foam cushion covering the spring frames. The SIP Classic seat is one of our favourite aftermarket products.

  • Quality production and virtually weatherproof.
  • Attractive price/performance ratio.

Most vintage Vespa models have been exposed to all weather conditions during their service life. From blizzards through to desert storms – these ageing divas have seen it all! This becomes especially noticeable by the condition of the seat and its cover. They are bleached-out by the sunlight, made brittle by the low temperatures in Winter to eventually split open. The foam cushioning can then soak up moisture to reward the rider and/or passenger with a wet patch on the seat of your trousers during every ride. Then you can be certain, it’s time for a new seat! The seat lock is operated by a lever or button provided at its rear. In order to legally carry a passenger, a cissy-bar or seat strap is provided on all seats we have available that are meant for use by a rider and pillion. If the seat is approved for use with a passenger, we make sure a bar or strap is included in its design.


Conclusion: An economic alternative for the unavoidable replacement of your Vespa seating arrangement.

Additional essentials for these seats - our SIP-TIP:

  • Why not complete the upgrade with a pair of new handlebar grips?
  • Our assortment of bags enables safe stowing on your Vespa.
  • A leg covers ensures dry clothing during a wet journey!

Customer Feedback

»The construction and design are as standard, which makes it perfect for a full restoration or a custom. And, it makes a great base for customization, too.«

–Weller Magazine 05, Japan

Which brown then?

We have tried to assign the subjective designations light brown, brown, brown vintage, etc. to brown tones from the RAL Classic colour fan. We have tried to assign brown tones from the RAL Classic colour fan. RAL colour shades are international, can be found online or best compared with a RAL colour fan, e.g. SIP art. no. 98889900. But even here there are different opinions about which brown shade corresponds best to which RAL colour shade. Nevertheless, we believe that this classification makes it easier to order accessories of the same colour. Because images can also be deceptive due to different lighting conditions.

EAN Number: 4260335256350

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