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Seat SIP Classic Comfort for Vespa 125 VNA/VNB/GT/GTR/Super/TS/150 VBA/VBB/GL/Sprint/V/Super/T4
Part no.: 7550CCBL
VAT included Free shipping
3,7kg / Piece
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Seat SIP Classic Comfort

for Vespa 125 VNA/​VNB/​GT/​GTR/​Super/​TS/​150 VBA/​VBB/​GL/​Sprint/​V/​Super/​T4

  • black
  • with grey welt
  • w/o lock
  • with belt
  • with magnetic closure, foam pad
Grade 1* - first-class repair
One rating
VAT included Free shipping
3,7kg / Piece
Part no.: 7550CCBL

Product description

Extremely comfortable foam-bodied replica seats, with the look of the ORIGINAL Vespa Sprint and Rally standard type.


Most owners of vintage Vespa scooters such as the Sprint or GL models are particularly conscious of maintaining its completely original 'factory' look. The choice of seat plays an obvious role, but providing the appearance is identical aftermarket items are also fully acceptable.

  • Comfortable, modern foam construction.
  • Original look, high quality production.
  • Practical magnetic lock mechanism.

Regrettably the ORIGINAL seats have a major constructional disadvantage, when compared to the modern alternatives. The wire springs beneath the minimally-padded vinyl seat cover make themselves felt over longer distances. The daily urban commute or shopping trip usually presents no problems, providing the complete construction and assembly of the whole seat is 100% intact and functional. The inadequacies of the ORIGINAL seats are exposed mercilessly over longer trips though, with the rider needing a tough behind! They are also prone to damage and wear, with the cover slipping easily out of position. This is where even the morning ride to work becomes an issue, especially for your rear end. Modern seats are produced using a comfortable foam cushioning and ensure an easy ride, even over longer distances. This seat is held closed with a magnetic locking mechanism.

The SIP Classic Comfort

We have taken care of this topic and had made a very high-quality seat, which is outwardly indistinguishable from the original. The padding is made of modern foam and ensures riding comfort even on longer tours. The seat is held in position by a magnetic lock. Conclusion: long dreamed of update for the old uncomfortable seats.

Our recommendations - the SIP-TIP

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