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Product Image for 'Sealing Compound REINZ Engine REINZOSIL 300 SITitle'
Sealing Compound REINZ Engine REINZOSIL 300 SI
Product No.: 92111000
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$23.21 / 100ml 114g / Piece
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Sealing Compound REINZ Engine REINZOSIL 300 SI

  • anthracite
  • 70ml
Avoid skin contact !

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2 ratings
Net price Plus shipping
$23.21 / 100ml 114g / Piece

Product description

Solvent-free, permanently elastic, fast-hardening silicon sealing compound for sealing flat surfaces where there is a sealing gap (can also be applied to assembled components).



  • High thermal stability from -50 °C to +300 °C (brief peak temperature)
  • Very good durability against internal combustion fuels and diesel fuels, bio-diesel, oil, grease, lubricants, water, seawater, sunlight and ozone
  • Easy to position and shape
  • Easy to apply
  • Precise positioning, down to the last millimetre
  • Goes on evenly
  • Acid-free hardening means no damage to synthetic parts, electrical components, etc.
  • Hardens faster than other silicon sealing compounds
  • No identifying marks

Application areas

Particularly intended for sealing all surfaces in engines, gearboxes, and axles, and also for cylinder liners and synthetic housings. Very suitable for uneven and rough surfaces. All purpose application for use with all makes of engines and vehicles.


SIP TIP: Whenever you overhaul an engine, you will need sealing mass, ice spray, multipurpose grease, seal remover and lock washer LOCTITE! Check your stock before the beginning of the season and buy ahead. Easier on nerves and postal charges!

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