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Product image for 'Rubber Engine Mounting Bush crankcase 39x21x10 mm, right/left, SIPTitle'
Rubber Engine Mounting Bush crankcase 39x21x10 mm, right/left, SIP for Vespa 50 2°/N/L/R/S 2°/Special/SR/SS/PK50/S/SS
Part no.: 11204000
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26g / Piece
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Product image for 'Rubber Engine Mounting Bush crankcase 39x21x10 mm, right/left, SIPTitle' Images may differ from the original

Rubber Engine Mounting Bush crankcase 39x21x10 mm, right/left, SIP

for Vespa 50 2°/​N/​L/​R/​S 2°/​Special/​SR/​SS/​PK50/​S/​SS

right for Vespa PK50 XL FL/​HP/​N/​Rush
17 ratings
Including VAT Plus shipping
26g / Piece

Product description

Intact rubber engine mounting bushes are important for good handling characteristics. If you ride your Vespa on a daily basis, like to lean into bends or regularly transport heavy loads, you should think about replacing these items more often. If you race your scooter this job is a must, but even commuters will be pleasantly surprised by the smoother ride that a bush replacement rewards you with.


Engine mounting bushes isolate your motor from the frame to reduce any vibration caused by the running engine to be transmitted to the chassis of your scooter. We have these items in stock for most models of Vespa and the bushes for earlier Vespa models are regularly reproduced in small production runs, as well as PIAGGIO still being able to deliver replacement items for most of the later models. To compensate for quality and delivery problems we stock bushes produced by several different manufacturers, for all models. The rubber bushes available for the Vespa 125 VNA-TS/ 150 VBA-Super/ PX 80-150/ PE/ Lusso have had an innovative update, in that the design of the bushes of the later models which helps ease replacement, has been adapted to fit these earlier models.


We have included the mounting bushes produced by “JOCKEY'S BOXENSTOP” in our SERIE PRO range of performance orientated products. They are made of a harder material than the standard items and are also more hard wearing, so noticeably improving the suspension setup. Nevertheless the scooter does not vibrate more than it would with the original bushes installed. We also have versions available for wider section tyre conversions. Normally, this conversion suffers from extra vibration due to the crankcase swing arm fixing being shortened. Not any more! These bushes are the ideal solution and “it is fascinating how nicely even a PX/ T5 can be manoeuvred through the curves” according to LAMBRETTA fanatic Markus W. from JOCKEY'S BOXENSTOP.


The racing specialists from PLC have adopted the theme of the Silentgummis for Vespa Smallframe and Lambretta models. These are mounted on a brass bush and radiate in the racing orange or GT green color. The oranges are meant for the race track. The greens and the black ones are somewhat softer and are designed for everyday life. Regardless of whether the engine revision of a series or racing engine. New PLC Silentgummis are mandatory!


Conclusion: You should replace the engine mounting bushes during every major service or upgrade of your motor, especially if you have fitted harder shock  


SIP-TIP: Ideally, you should also replace the metal spacers and bushes for better suspension. Copper paste can be used to prevent corrosion. If performance shock absorbers are fitted, do not forget to upgrade the rest of the suspension assembly.


SIP community user “ThomasN” on Art.-No. 11204000: “Fits wonderfully. The scooters handling is safer and the rear wheel has finally been realigned within the frame.”


SIP community user “remolo” on Art.-No. 11204000: “Good fit and easy to assemble, the job took 5 minutes and they were in.”

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 06616 - 112040 (PIAGGIO)

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preis leistung ok

nachtei sehr schwer zu montieren


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