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Rim PIAGGIO 3.0x12 ET20 5x86 for Vespa GTS Super/Super Sport 125/300ccm front or rear
Part no.: GR672513
VAT included Free shipping
3,75kg / Piece
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Rim PIAGGIO 3.0x12 ET20 5x86

for Vespa GTS Super/​Super Sport 125/​300ccm front or rear

also for Vespa GTS/​GTV/​GT 60/​GT/​GT L 125-300ccm
  • matt black with silver edge
  • 3.00 Ø 12"
  • offset (ET): 20mm
  • pitch circle diameter (PCD): 5/86mm
  • center bore (CB): 46mm
  • Aluminum low-pressure casting
  • 5 spokes
OEM number(s): 650916 - 667575 (PIAGGIO)
10 ratings
VAT included Free shipping
3,75kg / Piece
Part no.: GR672513

Product description

The original wheel rims, produced by PIAGGIO, are always delivered with the usual high quality that we have come to expect including high production standards and precise dimensioning. The rims that are delivered with the Vespa LX/LXV/S models are fully interchangeable, meaning you can upgrade the appearance of your 'LX' with the stylish matt-black finished items originally issued with the 'S Facelift' models. The rims of the Vespa GTS/GTS Super/GTV/GT-60/GT/GTL models are also interchangeable. You can upgrade your 'GTS' with the classy chromed rims that originally came with the 'GTV' models.


The front wheel of the Vespa 946 model is also compatible with all Vespa GTS / GTS Super / GTV / GT 60 / GT / GTL models (front and rear). Its design includes a bolt-on wheel trim that imitates the appearance of a split-rim wheel. This is an optical illusion however as the wheel itself remains a one-piece item. The wheels bolts can be hidden using a, separately available, plastic cover (#PI669061). The standard wheel nuts and valve can remain in use.


SIP-TIP : Do not forget to order new wheel bolts, valves and split-pins when changing/upgrading your rims!


SIP-Community user 'matthiaskluge' on (#GR672513)

"These rims are perfectly manufactured and dimensioned. The polished rims are not varnished, which allows minor scratches to be simply polished away. Top quality at an acceptable price."


Mounting information for Vespa GTS models with an ABS braking system:


The Vespa GTS with ABS on the rear wheel, produced in 2014, require an extra spacer washer beneath the ABS sensor. You can order it here:


OEM numbers (for comparisons): 650916 - 667575 (PIAGGIO)

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