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Rim FA for PIAGGIO Ape 50
In stock
Delivery time 1-3 workdays
Part no.: 81032100
VAT included Plus shipping
1,75kg / Piece
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Rim FA

for PIAGGIO Ape 50

  • 2.50 Ø 10"
  • steel
  • grey
In stock
Delivery time 1-3 workdays
4 ratings
VAT included Plus shipping
1,75kg / Piece
Part no.: 81032100

Product description

Due to their two-part construction, Vespa rims are designed so that it is possible to change the tyres yourself even with a minimum of tools. Another advantage is that the Vespa generally has the same rim at the front and back. This makes carrying a spare wheel particularly worth it as the rim can then either be used on the front or rear. In principle, the rim should be checked each time the tyres are changed. Rust in the rim well is often the reason for leaky inner tubes. Our cheaper replacement rims make overhauling unattractive in most cases.


The size specification for the rims is always given by us in inches, abbreviated on the product description with inverted commas (for example 8" = 8 inch). The width of the rim is just as important as the size specification. This is also given in inches (for example 2.10).


The construction type must be noted as a further distinguishing criterion of the rims. Depending on the brake drum used, there are both closed and open rims. In this way, for example, except for the Vespa Super 125-150, all vintage models use closed 8" rims. You will only find a 9" rim in the case of smallframes.

Rim 10", open for PIAGGIO APE 50

Ape rims vary minimally from the normal 10? open rims for the Vespa PX. Here we stock high quality replacement rims in our range which are somewhat smaller than the original rims.


SIP-TIP: Don´t forget to order a new tube and tyre!

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 2497595 (PIAGGIO)

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