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Rim FA Octopus tubeless for Lambretta 125 LI/Special/GP/DL/150 LI/Special/SX/GP/175 TV/200 TV/SX/GP/DL
Part no.: 80143000
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1,45kg / Piece
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Rim FA Octopus tubeless

for Lambretta 125 LI/​Special/​GP/​DL/​150 LI/​Special/​SX/​GP/​175 TV/​200 TV/​SX/​GP/​DL

  • front or rear
  • 2.10 Ø 10"
  • aluminium
  • black
for tuned engines
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VAT included Plus shipping
1,45kg / Piece
Part no.: 80143000

Product description

The inclusion of the 'Octopus' brake drum provides a Lambretta with eight wheel mounting studs per axle. Warping, or even complete failure of this connection is made virtually impossible! To make full use of this added safety feature wheels with eight mounting holes are also necessary.


The FA tubeless wheel rims allow the mounting of tyres that do not require inner tubes. In case of damage while riding the tyre no longer suffers a sudden blow-out as the air only escapes slowly, making exploded inner tubes a thing of the past. The danger of the valve being ripped off or the inner tube being trapped between the wheel halves has also been eliminated.


The wheels are provided with a double-hump profile which prevents the tyre from leaving the rim edges in case of pressure loss. The valve is firmly screwed into the flank of the wheel, making it durable and easily serviceable. To facilitate proper wheel attachment the longer mounting studs included in the delivery should be used to replace the existing items.


Conclusion : Innovative wheel, high-end production quality combined with additional safety features.


Aluminium wheel / Painted / 10 x 2.10” / Tubeless / 8 wheel studs.


SIP-TIP : Do not forget to order an 'Octopus' brake drum (#24277600) to match!

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  • Mögliche Kombinationen Reifen und Felgen 10 Zoll

    Kombination tire and rim 10 Inch


    0,20 MB

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