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Part no.: P2130534
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Reed Valve Petals POLINI


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20g / Piece

Product description

Another small and yet decisive feature in carburetor accessories: reeds. In contrast to standard blades made of either steel or reinforced fi berglass, tuning reeds made of carbon go to the front of the class with their highly stable and durable performance beyond 10,000 rpm‘s. Carbon reeds get better response from your motor, and increased acceleration, especially in the lower ranges. One advantage carbon has over steel is higher durability. The risk of totalling your motor through ripped reeds (defective cylinder or crankcase) is minimalized through implementing tuning reeds.

The rule goes:

thinner reeds get faster acceleration,

thicker reeds allow higher top speeds.


Best of all, try out several combinations, even mixed pairs. Useful for every tuning level! MALOSSI and POLINI also offer carbon plates if you want to cut your own.


SIP-TIP! Sport Manifolds, Sport Air Filter, bigger Main Jets

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 213.0534 (POLINI)

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