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Reed Valve Block MALOSSI MHR
Part no.: M2711817C0
VAT included Plus shipping
72g / Piece
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Reed Valve Block MALOSSI MHR

  • for MINARELLI horizontal
  • 0,3mm 45° VL14
2 ratings
VAT included Plus shipping
72g / Piece
Part no.: M2711817C0

Product description

Your reed valve block is the connection between manifold and motor block where intake is controlled. To give you an idea of how it works, picture this: when the piston moves up, a vacuum develops in the crankshaft, causing the reed flaps to open, allowing fuel to flow through the valve block. As soon as the piston moves down, pressure builds, pre-compressing the fuel mix. Now, the flaps close again, hindering back flow of fuel. A racing reed valve block is one of the absolute basics of motor tuning - giving you optimized fuel flow.


The reed valve block from MALOSSI MHR shares the same qualities as the other leading manufacturer: higher cylinder fill, optimized fuel flow through enlarged diameter, carbon reeds, rubberized gasket, and the venturi element. MALOSSI has included a venturi element specially for high torque cylinders to optimize the fuel flow. The MHR reed valve block doesn‘t have stoppers for the flaps, getting you optimal cylinder fill with top rpm‘s. The reeds come in one piece, without slit.


SIP-TIP! Sport Manifold, Sport Air Filter, Bigger Main Jet.


OEM numbers (for comparisons): 2711817.C0 (MALOSSI)
EAN Number: 42602678109267

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