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Rear Light Lens BOSATTA for art. no. 56510000 for Vespa 50 N/L/R V5A1T 122877>

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Rear Light Lens BOSATTA

for art. no. 56510000 for Vespa 50 N/​L/​R V5A1T 122877>

  • red
  • w/o bulbs
  • w/o gasket
  • reflector with aluminium frame
Grade A - perfect repair

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In stock

Price on request

Product description

Often when restoring earlier VESPA models, the main body of the rear light unit is usually still serviceable, but the lens and the gasket of the light unit has its better days behind it. We have rear light lenses available for a large variety of VESPA rear light unit manufacturers. The main body of the light assembly and its complementary lens should always be from the same manufacturer. If you try to mix different producers of rear light unit parts, there is never a guarantee of an exact, watertight fit. If, for example, you wish to mount an original SIEM lens onto the body of a SIEM "repro" rear light you will have to modify one or the other for a proper fit.


SIEM: These lenses fit straight onto the main bodies of the originally produced SIEM rear light units. They all carry the original SIEM logo and the reflector part of the light lens has an aluminium surround frame.


SIEM "repro": Favourably priced reproduction version of the original SIEM rear light unit lens.


BOSATTA: These lenses only fit onto BOSATTA rear light units and are not interchangeable with units from other manufacturers.


SIP-TIP: Always order a new rear light lens gasket and suitable fixing screws when ordering a new lens for your light unit.

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