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Racing Exhaust ZIRRI Silent Corsa for Vespa PK80-125 S/PK100-125XL/PK125/ETS/N/XL2
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Racing Exhaust ZIRRI Silent Corsa

for Vespa PK80-125 S/​PK100-125XL/​PK125/​ETS/​N/​XL2

  • steel
  • clear coated
  • aluminium silencer
  • left hand
TUNING SPORT - high-performance
For race use only. Not admitted in the area of the German StVZO!
No stock
Currently not available, delivery time up to 4 weeks.
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2,2kg / Piece

Product description

Exhaust systems produced by Angelo ZIRRI from Parma belong to the most prized left hand systems and have always been hard to come by.

The "ZIRRI SILENT CORSA" is made for original and tuned small frames. Performance wise, it's comparable to the SIMONINI Down & Forward. They have an orderly performance punch in upper ranges and are not really for city cruisers, rather, they are for Sprint fanatics. On a 133er POLINI, for example, it allows more revs than the PM....

Conclusion: The legendary ZIRRI is the first off when the lights change.


Racing exhaust / made of steel / aluminum silencer / Left hand

Steel, clear paint, aluminum silencer, left hand


SIP-TIP: with a modified 133er POLINI, long stroke shaft, 30er carburetor and V-Force reed valve, the ZIRRI Silent Corsa leaves everyone behind.


Christoph Maier, STOFFI-SIP Racing Team, 2009: "The PRO "ZIRRI SILENT CORSA" series on our milled QUATTRINI has a similar performance to the VSP Race. We were astonished by the results."


SIP Community user "Sportivo Primavera": "Great part. First choice in this price class and for glove compartment freaks....Runs super on my POLINI motor. I can highly recommend this."

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    Tuningübersicht Smallframe


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    Exhaust technology


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