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Racing Exhaust SIP ROAD 3.0 for Vespa 125 VNA-TS/150 VBA-Sprint/PX80-150/PE/Lusso
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Racing Exhaust SIP ROAD 3.0

for Vespa 125 VNA-TS/​150 VBA-Sprint/​PX80-150/​PE/​Lusso

  • steel
  • black
  • fits wide tyre
  • large exhaust manifold
TUNING SPORT - high-performance
For race use only. Not admitted in the area of the German StVZO!
In stock
Delivery time 1-3 workdays
4 ratings
Including VAT Free shipping
3,76kg / Piece

Product description

Standard looking racing exhaust, the evolution of the oft copied original. The MK 3.0 version of our subtle SIP ROAD EXHAUST yet again pushes the envelope of performance. Unlike the competition we have crammed all this performance into the compact body of the original box.


The SIP ROAD was and is the benchmark for all box pipes. It introduced the concept of a racing pipe that keeps the box look of the original Piaggio Largeframe item to a wider public. And it made it as popular as it rightly is today. Among its most attractive features are the excellent rideability, and easy tuneability, particularly on engines that already run the SIP ROAD 2.0. In recent years many have tried their hand at an exhaust inspired by the original, quite a few have actually launched their version. Engines with this concept have reached impressive levels of power and torque, and some even beat the godfather, our SIP Road 2.0 box in terms of outright performance. The ease of use, and the launch torque are yet to be improved upon though.

  • Original Look with original sized box
  • Massive torque, just perfect for a daily rider
  • Excellent for plug and play tuning with original carburettor

Still the time had come to go one better and develop a new box. The benchmark was there, and the requirements were defined: It should still work on any type of engine. It should operate at low and real-world usable rpm, it should beat the best in that range, and it should still keep the original dimensions of the box. The new SIP Road 3.0 should remain subtle and compact. The last in particular turned out to be a real challenge. Others use larger boxes to find performance, which, of course, makes life much easier. Unfortunately squaring the circle takes time, so development took a little while. The result is worth the wait though. A small box that works well with a vast variety of engine setups while keeping up with the very best in terms of performance.


Accessible performance in whatever situation

Comes into the powerband early to make the ride to work as enjoyable as the tackling of an uphill alpine pass. Our reference for the development where kits such as the Malossi Sport or the Polini. But Quattrini or Pinasco kits work extremely well with the SIP Road 3.0. It’s great combined with an SI carburettor, little effort to fit with proven reliability.


Modern manufacturing and design

To get to the level of performance of the SIP Road 3.0 not only development took its time. Manufacturing too is a bit more demanding. The downpipe is not made of segments. It’s a cold drawn design with an upper and a lower halve. This helps with minimising the tolerances between individual pipes, and there are less welding-seams perpendicular to the gas flow direction. Apart from that this technique also made it possible to route the downpipe in tighter curves without any negative effects. This had become necessary to make sure the larger downpipe did not conflict with other parts, such as the main stand.


New quality with proven advantages

Significantly more torque and massively higher power. With a Malossi Sport on a P-Range the difference in power over the SIP Road 2.0 may be anything up to two BHP. This is also the case with the classic setup for the small blocks. A 177 Polini also recorded an increase of approx. 2 HP with the Road 3.0 compared to its predecessor. This promises a relaxed ride with no problems when shifting up at all. The sound of the SIP ROAD is nicely understated without drawing unwanted attention, that makes it ideal for cities and for the daily ride. Please do not forget to adjust the jetting and the ignition.


Conclusion: the SIP ROAD 3.0 is an excellent update of an exhaust classic. All the great features of the MK 2.0, the fit, the quality and precision of manufacturing, are retained while the power goes up slightly by about 2 BHP. A racing pipe that looks like the original box exhaust. More torque and more power, heat resistant paint, excellent value for money.


Technical details:

  • Significantly more power and torque than the SIP Road 2.0, +10-25%
  • Based on the original sized box
  • Drawn downpipe for a precision built and more power
  • Excellent fit for an easy plug-and-play mounting
  • Tight downpipe routing for maximum lean angles
  • Uses additional springs to take stress of the exhaust stub

The Best Setup - Our SIP-TIP:

  • Longstroke crankshaft SIP PREMIUM for Vespa
  • SIP Performance Ignition



The SIP ROAD 2.0: Wow! Who would ever have thought it possible? Our very-own exhaust guru-David, has taken on the SIP Road as a project and made the almost unthinkable a reality. He has actually managed to improve the near-perfect existing version of our extremely popular exhaust unit. The SIP Road 2.0 now also possesses the elegant feature of not only being able to be fixed with a traditional exhaust clamp, but additionally a spring-fixing system can also be used to avoid damaging the more delicate exhaust-stub outlets of race cylinders. The potentially attainable power output of the pipe has been noticeably increased across the entire rev-range with the version produced for the 125cc cylinder types also providing a welcome extra boost at the top end of the power band. The exhaust meant for the 200cc class of cylinders produces 2 PS more power between 4500 and 6000 rpm than its predecessor. Although the original SIP Road already possessed adequate amounts of front wheel lightener we were also able to improve and increase the available torque, with more flexibility in the low and mid range performance.


Jockeys Boxenstopp, Exhaust test for SIP February, 2010:

"The performance, sound and the paint are great. The dreaded gear-change between third and fourth gears is no longer a problem and it also revs noticeably higher. The version for the 200cc cylinders provides an otherwise standard PX 200 with 13.9 PS!!(Standard exhaust :12.5 PS! Respect where respect is due! The restricted 200cc cylinder with 10 PS put out 10.8 PS with a standard pipe and 11.9 PS when equipped with the SIP Road...If the carb is re-jetted properly a couple more horses are easily available."


Scootering Juli 2013:

"Bettering everything for torque (16lb-ft) and with the widest power spread is the SIP Road 2.0. It´s clearly our pick of the crop. ?. From the box pipes we have a clear winner for the standard engine. The SIP Road 2.0 not only makes 18% more peak power than the standard pipe, but at 60mph it makes 350% more power, leading to a useful boost in top speed. For less than £ 120 it´s a no-brainer if you want a standard looking pipe with more oomph."


Andy, editor of SCOOTERING Magazine, June 2015:

"SIP Road 2 exhaust: as well as being a bit of a test bed guinea pig (like most of my scooters!), I also want the PX200 to be reliable. As such tuning has been a strict no-no. That was until the old standard exhaust pipe rotted out and needed replacing. Unfortunately it appeared at the time that Piaggio was no longer able to manufacture such a basic item that actually fitted, and after rejecting three OEM replacement parts, I opted for the SIP aftermarket standard-looking Road 2 pipe. Friends had recommended it and they weren´t wrong; sounding only a little deeper in tone than a standard pipe, it offers more grunt and fitted like a glove. I´m still impressed."


Stoffi, STOFFI'S GARAGE, October 2016.

"Alongside the SIP Road there are also other similar touring exhausts on the market, but none of these so called competitors come even close in terms of performance and production quality. Another advantage of these pipes is their complete legality here in Austria. Guaranteed stamp of approval from the vehicle testing authorities ? Road-legal due to the SIP Road, what could be better than that?"



SIP Premium Warranty


We are convinced of the quality of our products. This is why we have extended the legal warranty for our SIP Road exhaust systems to a SIP Premium Warranty that lasts for 36 months. If a fault should occur during this time which is not due to improper use or improper assembly, we will repair the exhaust free of charge or replace it with a new one.


This Premium Warranty applies to end-buyers and starting from the following purchase date: 1st November 2016.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): (SITO)

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