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Racing Exhaust POLINI Banane Sport for Vespa PK80-125 S/PK100-125XL/PK125/ETS/N/XL2
Part no.: 20020510
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2kg / Piece
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Racing Exhaust POLINI Banane Sport

for Vespa PK80-125 S/​PK100-125XL/​PK125/​ETS/​N/​XL2

  • steel
  • black
  • aluminium silencer
  • color silencer: silver
  • left hand
  • stud outlet: 56mm
TUNING SPORT - powerful
For race use only. Not admitted in the area of the German StVZO!
6 ratings
VAT included Free shipping
2kg / Piece
Part no.: 20020510

Product description

POLINI also have an interest in providing racing exhausts for smallframes. The POLINI racing exhaust belongs to one of the favorite beginner level tuning systems with a good price/performance ratio.


A very wide power delivery makes the POLINI an optimal touring exhaust that produces good torque in lower rpm's. It harmonizes not only with POLINI cylinders, it also helps nearly every setup to more power.The sound is classic Italian, same as the system itself. The small silencer end makes it pleasant and quiet.


The banana sits decently under the left fender and is unobtrusive. The spare tire will have to be removed when used on PK models. The right hand version practically disappears from view under the motor block on the right side. Only the muffler end gives notice that a racing exhaust is at home. The spare tire can stay where it is. Sound and performance is the same as the left hand system.


Conclusion: A great all round exhaust with wide range and optimal durability. Ideal system when starting into the POLINI tuning ring.


Sport exhaust / made of steel / aluminum silencer / Left-Right hand

Steel, painted shiny gray, with aluminum silencer, left or right hand


SIP TIP: Adjustment of carburetor jets is a must, 75-130 cc tuning cylinder, SHB 19-24 mm carburetor, longer transmission and reinforced clutch, PK XL clutch recommended.


Alex, SIP Man, July 2010: "Real fun in low budget tuning: POLINI 130 mm set higher, POLINI reed valve, Mazzu-shaft, POLINI RAP-> 12.5 hp. Lots of power for little money, dependable."

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 200.2051/S (POLINI)
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