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Product Image for 'Racing Cylinder PINASCO 102 ccTitle'
Racing Cylinder PINASCO 102 cc
for Vespa 50/​PK50/​S/​XL/​XL2
Product No.: 10010793
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2,25kg / Piece
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Product Image for 'Racing Cylinder PINASCO 102 ccTitle'
Product Image for 'Racing Cylinder PINASCO 102 ccTitle'
Product Image for 'Racing Cylinder PINASCO 102 ccTitle'
Product Image for 'Racing Cylinder PINASCO 102 ccTitle'
Product Image for 'Racing Cylinder PINASCO 102 ccTitle'
Product Image for 'Racing Cylinder PINASCO 102 ccTitle'

Racing Cylinder PINASCO 102 cc

for Vespa 50/​PK50/​S/​XL/​XL2
  • cast iron
  • 5 ports
  • Ø 55,0mm
  • stroke 43mm
  • 2 piston ring(s)
  • with cylinder head
  • outlet 26mm
  • M6 exhaust studs
SPORT-TUNING, high-performance & roadworthy
For race use only. Not admitted in the area of the German StVZO!

Product description

PINASCO, a name with mystique and a guarantee for pure riding fun!

An entry into the 102cc PINASCO world and a first-class, high-quality finish cast-iron cylinder. 5 transfer ports and a solid ASSO piston with 1.3mm piston rings ensure reliability and thrust. Rather more down-to-earth than POLINI and MALOSSI as far as the output is concerned, but the user is rewarded with a good service life. Anyone who wants a bit more can modify the rather T-shaped outlet to give it a trapezoid shape.

Our additional recommendation: the cylinder itself should be sprayed with black thermolack paint. To lovers of full-throttle riding and long route riders, we recommend the > 125cc class.

Conclusion: A well finished cast iron cylinder that promises a lot of fun for short routes as a “plug and play”.


Cast iron/ 55mm bore/ 5 transfer ports/ 102.16ccm

Cast iron cylinder, stroke 43mm, 5 transfer ports, divided into 2 side transfer ports on each side and one large single-piece boost port, pistons with 2 1.3mm piston rings and plane piston head, 6mm exhaust studs, incl. cylinder head, without gasket set. Jets should be adjusted.

Fits on all Vespa V50/PK/XL/XL2 models, except PK automatic. Transfer ports match the originals. Casing can but does not have to be modified.


SIP-TIP: Adjust main jet and ignition timing. New spark plug, 3.00 to 2.86 primary, reinforced clutch or stronger springs are a must. Racing shaft, 16/ 16 better 19 carburettor with intake manifolds recommended. SITO Banana, POLINI racing exhaust or similar bring more revs. Order a new cylinder base gasket as well.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 25010793 (PINASCO)

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10010793 Rennzylinder PINASCO 102ccm

Zuverlässiger Partner für Stadt und Land Der Pinasco ist vielleicht nicht das Leistungswunder aus der 102er Klasse, aber läuft ab dem ersten Kick ohne Zicken und macht zu zweit fahren zum Erlebis auf der kleinen :)


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PINASCO102cc_Datenblatt PINASCO102cc_Datenblatt.pdf 0,19 MB Download
Technik_Zylinderkopf Technik Zylinderkopf 0,38 MB Download
Technik_Zylinder Technik Zylinder Vespa 46,55 MB Download
Tuningübersicht Smallframe Tuningübersicht Smallframe 0,20 MB Download
Montage_Polini130ccm Montage Zylinder Smallframe 8,43 MB Download
Cylinder head technology Cylinder head technology 1,60 MB Download
Cylinder technology Cylinder technology 6,14 MB Download
Mounting of a Vespa smallframe cylinder Mounting of a Vespa smallframe cylinder 0,39 MB Download
Smallframe cylinder assembly Smallframe cylinder assembly 0,44 MB Download
Tuning summary smallframe Tuning summary smallframe 1,87 MB Download

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