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Racing Cylinder MALOSSI 68 cc for MORINI 50ccm 2T LC
Part no.: M319747
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1,95kg / Piece
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Racing Cylinder MALOSSI 68 cc

for MORINI 50ccm 2T LC

  • cast iron
  • Ø 47,0mm
  • 2 piston ring(s)
  • pin 10mm
  • with cylinder head
TUNING SPORT - powerful
For race use only. Not admitted in the area of the German StVZO!
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VAT included Free shipping
1,95kg / Piece
Part no.: M319747

Product description

“You can't beat cubes” This scale this 68cc cast iron cylinder produced by MALOSSI is an absolutely reliable, performance orientated system, designed for everyday road use is genuine proof of this wisdom. Up to 10 PS power output @ 10.000 rpm ensures a quick and relaxed riding experience. Along with the, very useful, increase in cc the revised port timings combined with an enlarged exhaust outlet ensure noticeably more torque across the entire rev range. The result of a comparison to the performance of the OE cylinder is like the difference between night and day. Even the normally subdued reporters at the German scooter mag. 'Motoretta' referred to it as a “tuning revelation”.


Cast iron / 47mm bore / 6 transfer ports / 9,500 – 10,700 rpm


Enlarged exhaust outlet, optimised port timing, higher compression ratio, the peripheral components such as the exhaust, carb and the overall gearing also deserve an upgrade in combination with this conversion kit. Top speeds of up to 95 kph are possible.


SIP-TIP : Do not forget to order lighter variator roller-weights, a new spark plug, a modified exhaust manifold and an 8-12 % larger main jet. Ideally a 17.5mm carb, a taller overall gear ratio and a sport orientated exhaust system should also be included to fully exploit this kits potential.


'Motoretta' May/June 2003 Edition: “The tuning revelation...,...cast iron cylinder with renowned quality”



OEM numbers (for comparisons): 31 9747 (MALOSSI)
EAN Number: 4260088516275
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Detail view of 3 silver-coloured metal engine parts from SIP.
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